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  1. scarlet is a creep

  2. maybe I'll just have a little nap here if that's okay with everyone involved.

  3. if one more baby cries this morning we're going to have a problem.

  4. je pense que je vais mourir.

  5. there's like 26 kids here for us to make fun of. I wish you were here scarlet.

  6. why does all this fun suddenly happen as soon as i'm gone?

  7. my sister has the weirdest bowls. they're not even bowls. they're curved plates.

  8. building a ramp with my nephew > everything else

  9. look at us all excited for Harry potter last week. http://t.co/Uy3VCzq

  10. there's this clock radio next to my bed, and if i put my iphone anywhere near it, like literally within 5 feet, it makes static noises.

  11. three more for late inbound crews.

  12. three cheers for late inbound aircrafts!

  13. i suppose i'll just stay awake until i go to the airport.

  14. you're pathetic and i'm losing patience with you.

  15. I need to pack or something. I guess I was distracted today.

  16. i just took the most satisfying shower

  17. these days all my stories seem to end in "and i was like 'i don't care'".

  18. i just read the word "spring" as "shopping". interesting.

  19. literally i have like 10 dollars to my name.

  20. well i guess that's happening.

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