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  1. Hello Craig, YES! In fact, we already have a release, which is unfortunately locked on a approval cycle on Apple Store. Once that is finally released, it will allow running VCDU on the iPhone. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  2. Hello, In case you haven't managed to get it back to working state, try the step below in the listed order and go to the next in case the previous one doesn't help: Make sure your device has internet coverage. Reset the app's cache. Reset the Google Play app's cache. Uninstall and then re-install the app - don't worry, as you will be able to download and re-install it as many times as needed. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  3. Hello, Always download the latest available on our web site and you'll be fine. The message is just saying that VAInterface versions prior to 2.3 will not work. However, 2.22 is several versions more recent than 2.3 (you should actually read 2.3 as 2.03) - newer releases will add the 0 before the version minor id in order to avoid this confusion. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  4. Hello, With the 737 NGX, you can use both sides at the same time. As a matter of fact, you could have more than one tablet at wach side at the same time, mirroring the CDUs, in case there is a use case for that. However, you don't need to buy the app twice - just log in on the Play store (?) with the same account and download the app to the new device. The only setup you will need is to set the CDU side (left = Captain/ right = F/O) on VCDU Settings. Best Regards, Ricardo.
  5. The current VCDU 747 works only with the iFly 747, due to the lack of support on the current PMDG 747 for exporting CDU data. We hope that the coming 747 will offer that support on the SDK (as the 737NGX does) so we will be able to offer the VCDU for the PMDG 747 as well. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  6. Hello, I believe this is related to the DLL.XML not being correctly configured or being corrupted. I just replied to the ticket you created suggesting this. If the DLL.XML does not have the following data: <Launch.Addon> <Name>VAInterface</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>Modules\VAInterface.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> , add it before the </SimBase.Document> - this should be the last thing in the file. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  7. Hello, the TOGA shortcut is assigned to the pushing action on the IAS knob. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  8. Hello Sergio, At a first glance this looks as a Windows registry key for earlier versions of P3D are still active. This forces VAInterface to attempt to install some required configuration items on DLL.XML for that earlier version but since that file is no longer present, it fails and shows the message. There is a quick fix which is editing VAInterface.ini and add the following lines: [P3DV2] DLLXML=YES However, we will only be able to confirm this is really the root cause if we look at the VAInterface logs. Therefore, I will kindly ask you to open a Technical Support Ticket (link available on the bottom of our Support page), fill in as much information as possible on the ticket form and attach the log file(s). In order to enable the logs, please follow the instructions on the FAQ: General - How to enable logs? also on the Support page. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  9. Hello John, Thank you very much for purchains our products! There are several causes that could explain disconnections, one of them would be a conflict on the port number. There is no particular port you should use, but we must be sure no other program also using the same port. Since it could be difficult to spot which program is using the port currently configured for VAInterface, the easiest thing to do is editing VAInterface.ini and changing the VAInterface port. Try using values far away from the default (you can use values up to 65535). Other possibilities include some issue with the router or some overload on the PC where VAInterface is running. Try doing this test: Launch VAInterface and make sure it is the only program running on the PC (don't launch the simulator). Connect VCDU - it will be stuck on the CONNECTED screen but should stay connected until the connection is broke. Try confirming it stays longer than it would in a normal usage. If it does stay connected longer, then this might mean some issue on the PC. If you are unable to see any change on modifying the port number or confirmed VCDU stays connected much longer than on the normal usage, please open a Technical Support Ticket (link available on the Support page) and describe what you find out. Attach the VAInterface logs to the ticket form so we can investigate what might be causing this. Best Regards, Ricardo.
  10. Hello Rafal, The support level we can implement is directly related to how much of the SDK implemented by the add-on vendor allows for that. Since, as you point out, the VCDU support is already achieved and being the CDU one of the most complex items, the MCP should be possible. However, we will have to go and evaluate if that is really the case. As this is the first time we get this request, we simply don't know the answer. I have already entered a Change Request into our change control system requesting such evaluation. But this is not a priority just now, and I expect it to be reviewed early next year. Best Regards, Ricardo.
  11. Hello, Even though we've made the 737 MCP "compatible" with the 777, that doesn't mean it will really be able to replicate all the 777 MCP's functionality, simply because the natural differences between the two prevents that. We have tried to comply as much as possible with a standard 777 MCP procedure, but some functions will not have a direct mapping or none at all. The VOR LOC LOC button on the 737 is, however, directly mapped to 777 LOC. With the plane grounded, if you zoom in on the 3D view into the 777 MCP and press the 737 MCP VOR LOC button, you will notice the LOC button actually reacts to the VOR LOC being pushed (you should notice it goes down and return), even though the light does not turn on, since it will only turn on under certain conditions, which are not met when at the ground. However, if you do this and don't confirm the LOC is moving with the VOR LOC, then please enable the VAInterface logs (check the FAQ: General - How to enable logs? in our Support page) and send us the log file so that we can investigate the issue. Regarding the speed display, check if the same is not happening on the 777 MCP, as the rules controlling how the displays is blanked may not be the same as on the 737. If you confirm the 777 MCP is behaving differently than the 737 MCP, then please send us the log file along with the scenario where you notice this condition. Best Regards, Ricardo.
  12. Hello, Our policy is to offer free upgrades for the same flavor of VCDU, provided that there is technical conditions to honor that. This means that if the development effort required to support the new release is within certain levels, there will no restrictions for a free upgrade. So far, every new supported aircraft add-on was added following that rule and there is no reason to believe this will be any different for the new PMDG 747. However, we will only know that once it is released. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  13. Hi, When you notice all lights are off, do you recall if looking at the Control Panel - Devices tab, the MCP is listed there? If it is not listed, then it may be a faulty usb connector. In this case, open the Device & Printers window and check if the MCP icon shows up there - scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen to confirm the computer is also not recognizing it. If it is listed, then this is a logic issue. In this case, we will need the VAInterface logs in order to investigate the causes. Right-click on the VA icon (the same one you use to open the Control Panel) and select Enable logging. If it says Disable logging, then logs are already enabled and all you need to do is collect the file(s) at the Logs folder (under the VAInterface installation folder). Attach the files here or open a Technical Support Ticket to send them. Best Regards, Ricardo.
  14. Hello George, We will investigate that. Please allow us 2-3 days to get this figured out. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  15. Hello Emmanuel, VCDU 777 is supposed to work with both aircraft. If it is definitely not working, then enable the VAInterface logs and send us the log file(s) so that we can check what is causing this. Preferably, please open a Technical Support Ticket (link at the bottom of the Support page) and attach the log file on the ticket form. To enable the log, just right-click on the small VA icon and select Enable logging (if the option says Disable logging then it is already enabled and you just need to collect the log file under the Logs folder). Please refer to the FAQ: General - How to enable logs? in out Support page. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  16. Hello Adam, The issue here is that VAInterface is not finding the X-Plane installation path. It retrieves that information from the file x-plane_install_10.txt Please review the contents of that file and make sure it reflects the actual installation path for X-Plane in any of its lines (you may have more than one copy of X-Plane, but each one must be represented by its own line describing the installation path). Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  17. It is hardly the app version - although you should update it. Try uninstalling and then downloading it again (use the same Google Account you purchased it originally). It might be related to the PMDG version though. The log file will tell if that is the case. Anyway, you should update that to the latest if is not already.
  18. In that case, please open the ticket and attach the log file. We will take a look at it. Ricardo.
  19. The important thing is to initialize the sim with a default aircraft. Try completely loading any default (Ultra Light, default 737, etc) aircraft until it is ready to fly on the track. Then load the NGX. If that doesn't help, then get the log so we will take a look on it. Ricardo. VA Support Team
  20. Hello Corey, This is usually caused by a SimConnect failure and the best way to avoid it is loading a default aircraft (or having a default flight saved with a default aircraft) prior to loading the PMDG 737 NGX. If you are already doing this or if it doesn't resolve the issue, please enable the VAInterface logs (check the instructions on the FAQ: General - How to enable logs? in our Support page) and open a Technical Support ticket (link at the bottom of the Support page) ,attaching the log file(s) to the ticket form. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  21. Currently FSLabs A320X does not offer any interfacing mechanism so that we could retrieve FMS data from their aircraft. However, we contacted them and they said they may develop a SDK after they finish the Prepar3D release. Let's hope this really come true. Best Regards, Ricardo.
  22. Hello Steve, Your setup is the most common setup for home wifi networking and is the very setup Virtual CDU was developed for. By "on the same network", we mean that both the computer and the tablet device must be connected to the router, either by cable or wifi. But before going ahead with the purchase, we encourage you to try with Virtual CDU Demo (available on the Play Store as well) first, since the communication setup will be same for all VCDU versions and you will be able to confirm it works and do any configuration, if any is needed. The only caveat for using Virtual CDU Demo is that is was developed for the 737 and thus, VAInterface (the companion software that run on the PC side) will not allow it to connect to the 777, so you will get an error message in the tablet screen. However, the reception of this message will mean the connection part is working and will work for the VCDU 777 when you purchase it. Also, if you happen to find any issues or have trouble getting it to work, we will provide all the necessary support until that is accomplished. Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team www.virtualavionics.com
  23. Hi, This is probably because VAInterface didn't find the X-Plane installation folder. Would you please enable the VAInterface logs and send me so I can check if that is the case? Please follow the instruction on the FAQ: General - How to enable logs? in our Support page? You may attach the log file here or open a Technical Support Ticket (link at the bottom of the Support page). Best Regards, Ricardo. VA Support Team
  24. Hi Nick, There was an issue detecting FSX-SE when installed alone (not side by side to MS-FSX), and a fix for it was already implemented. This fix is going to be out on the next VAInterface release, most likely next week. However, it is difficult to determine if that is exactly what you are experiencing. There is a test build that you can test and check if it addresses your issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zhwe8im8csobek5/VAInterface_2.15.3.21470.exe?dl=0 To test, you just need to download it to the same folder where VAInterface is installed and run it from there. If it does, then the new version will get it covered (you can continue using the test build until the official release is not ready). Otherwise, this is a new issue and we will need more data to determine what is the solution. In this case, please open a Technical Support Ticket (link at the bottom of the Support page) and attach the VAInterface logs to the ticket form. Ricardo. VA Support Team
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