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  1. I was pessimistic to fly with a payware aircraft, because I was afraid that my fsx will crash, get 0.1 fps and so on. But, after I gave it a try, well, now I gotta say, it is all urban legend saying that integrated graphics are no good for fsx. That is why, I am posting this thread  to let everyone know,especially for those who want to fly but don't think their pc can handle it.


    My laptop's specs (its Sony VAIO from 2011)


    -Intel Core i3 2330M @ 2.20 GHZ

    -6GB DDR3 Ram (533mhz)

    -Intel HD Graphics 3000

    -640GB HDD


    Things to do:


    Install ORBX Global base, + FreeMeshX (do not install the FTX Vector, it will decrease the fps significantly). Why to install the Global base? TRUST ME, it boosts the FPS, better than the FSX default scenery. (on the default I had 10-20 max fps with mid-low settings) . With the ORBX, I have 10-40 fps (depending the view, in the cockpit 8-25fps), outside, 18-50fps.


    In the graphics control panel , for best performance set in the 3D to performance, but later I tested it, to set it to quality lowers the fps by 5%, 10% tops, so I suggest it will be best to let it in-between,,, you can try them both.


    The settings with ORBX I have it on High.


    Also, I have used the 4GB patch, I'm not sure if it helps a lot.




    If you need any help for setting some things up , let me know. 

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