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  1. I updated from ASP4 to ASP3D and I noticed that in the add-on.xml of Active Sky, there is this line <AddOn.Component> <Category>Gauges</Category> <Path>.\</Path> </AddOn.Component> Does this lead to the gauges folder in P3D? If not, does anyone know where it leads to otherwise??
  2. The title says it all. Since it is already part of the GNS series, I was wondering when crossfill will be a thing for the GTN series. I know about the alternative method but the ability to crossfill would also be nice and saves a bit of time imo. Great product otherwise 😉
  3. Thank you very much. This makes changing frequencies a lot faster since the clickspots with Carenado aircrafts are sometime very wack. That's a bummer. Still tho the fact that you made the mod working like it does now is already very satisfying. 😁
  4. I have a couple of questions.Like the height of the panel, the way it is fitted into the Proline panel I can't see the upper part of the GTN where the comms are, like the comm frequency and the transponder code. Is there a way to lower height of the GTN so that I can see that part of the panel.And I want to use both Proline panels, where the GTN in fitted in, independently from each other so that I could use the left panel for the map view and the right panel for flight plan for example?
  5. Anyone here who can send me the download for the GTN integration? send me a pm so I can send you my email
  6. Will this mod also become compatible with the Carenado Embraer 300, since the flightdeck is basically the same?
  7. Is it possible to somehow get 2 gnt 750's set up on the panel of the a2a bonanza?
  8. I got the GPS working, after using the information you two both gave me, now I am curious if there is a way to make use of the weather radar
  9. So I bought the GTN750 a few days ago, stuggled to install it, but worked it out in the end, but now I got a whole other problem. When I put in a flight plan in what ever form, whether it be a direct or different legs, it does not follow it. If I activate the GPS function it automatically turn straight to the north. I have installed and reinstalled the GTN750 and the garmin trainer. but that didn't work. I am using the panel presets provided by Bills511 for the A2A Cessna 182. Added a spoiler with the settings of the RealityXP.GTN.ini file. If there is a way to fix this problem, it would be appreciated.
  10. I used the GTN v6.41.1 link earlier today, not thinking I would need the GTN v6.21 link. That didn't work, the installer did not pick up that it was installed. so I have tried to GTN v6.21 and that did get picked up by the installer. It is now installed correctly as far as I know
  11. I already looked at that post, but the thing is, I never installed the GTN 750 and when I get to the download selection for the garmin GTN trainer, the check box for it is already selected and greyed out. I cannot uncheck it and because of that, I cannot install the GTN750 for prepar3d. I have already installed the the GTN trainer software of garmin via the links that are posted in your post. Do I now have to wait untill garmin fixes the problem on their side or is there another way to install the RealityXP 750 through a earlier version of the installer?
  12. I don't have the RXP GTN750 installed, and I can't seem to turn of the check for downloading the Garmin trainer. How do I install this now then for Prepared3d?
  13. Bought the GTN750 today from the RealityXP store through the ecommerce thingy. Payment went smooth and with out a hitch. Started the installer of the GTN750 but when I get to the page where it asked for me to download the data of the trainer from Garmin, the option is already checked and greyed out. When I go to the install page it stops with a 404 error.
  14. Recently I have bought FlyTampa's Kai Tak (VHHX), but after installing it, gsx does not read the right .bgl file and it thinks it is the default airport, that fyi has no parking what so ever. How do I fix this?
  15. Okay so I have been using ADE for quite some time now to correct some of the runways that don't have the right runway numbers. but recently I have been thinking of making my own airport, or rather kind of remaking/updating one. But before I mess up the whole project, I was wondering what kind of the work stucture is when making an airport from scratch? Where do you usually start with? Are there any other programs I can use besides ADE? Is there a way to add runway slope to the airport? how do I make sure the airport and the surroundings are the correct heights? How do I get the right ground textures for the ground, taxiways, runways etc? The airport I wanna create is Keflavik International(KEF/BIKF). Currently there are only 2 addons of Keflavik that are kinda okay, sadly the AS version is not fully supported for P3Dv4 and the Orbx version is not very detailed. But both are still out of date anyway. Since the airport has got some extra parking spaces and some changes to it's layout, I wanted to make a up-to-date version of it. Any information can help so please feel free to share your experience and tips.
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