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  1. Gary McCluskey

    Go around issue

    I think you and I work alike with this stuff. The way I get around not working with ATC after takeoff is when it tells me to change frequencies - I do do it, but I don't contact the next sector. I don't contact ATC in fact until its nearly decent time. My problem is with the go-around stuff, though. I find it terrible in P3D and FSX.
  2. Gary McCluskey

    New hardware processor for p3d

    Yeah, my current laptop is nowhere near as good as these, and even it gets red hot! The CPU you just mentioned there looks like the same one I mentioned in my original post. Is it the same one? Gaz
  3. Gary McCluskey

    New hardware processor for p3d

    Unfortunately I have to get a laptop, I'm not able to have a desktop or tower. But does that matter in the case of these specs? Could you actually get better specs for a desktop? Thanks, Gaz
  4. Hi. I'm thinking of getting a new laptop for p3d because my current one does not do the frame rates very well. I have been told in the past that the most important thing to think about for p3d is the CPU speed, rather than the graphics card . can I ask if that is correct? I have seen a new laptop which looks good, but I would really like people's opinion on it: CPU (Processor): Intel® Core™ i7-8700 - 6-Core 3.20GHz, 4.60GHz Turbo - 12MB Cache + UHD Graphics Motherboard: Intel Z370 Chipset Motherboard Memory (RAM): 32GB (8GBx4) DDR4/2400Mhz SODIMM Memory (ADATA) Graphics Card (GPU): NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB Video Card (Pascal)[VR Ready] Can you let me know what you think? I believe the fact that the processor speed is 4.6GHz is very important for the frame rates, but let me know if I'm wrong. I was told when Microsoft originally wrote this, they did it pretty much on a single thread, and mainly not passing much off to the graphics card. Thanks, Gaz
  5. Gary McCluskey

    Go around issue

    Do you use the builtin atc?
  6. Gary McCluskey

    Go around issue

    I think I have this problem just because I am terrible at flying (student so far) and I'm interested in others help, but I'd love help support : I've got frustrated with an issue in P3Dv4, although this was also a problem decades ago when I was using Flight Simulator! Basically, if you want to do a go-around, and you declare the missed approach to ATC, they will give you some immediate instructions, but then practically forget about you! I've just done it on a flight that look an hour to get to EGLL (Heathrow), but I finally exited out of P3D when it stopped communicating with me. I had put me on a course, but then a 1-hour flight turned into more than 2 hours, just to then be 'given up' on. Its clear that aircraft are treated differently on their first try at landing, but if you have to declare a missed approach in P3D, I'm getting the impression now that it's pointless, and you may as well start the flight from new! Do others get this?
  7. Gary McCluskey

    Using Pro ATC X

    Thanks mate.
  8. Gary McCluskey

    Using Pro ATC X

    Thanks guys - I'll look into the next step now. I need to get it touch with ProATC when my plane is ready to go! I'll have a look at some vids. I really appreciate your help. Gaz
  9. Gary McCluskey

    Using Pro ATC X

    Actually, I had to remove the runways, and then it works! EGNT DCT GIRLI UP18 POL DCT MCT DCT LISTO UL612 HON UN859 KIDLI EGKK Thanks for letting me know about this, anyway. Great stuff. I just have to learn the rest! Gaz
  10. Gary McCluskey

    Using Pro ATC X

    Hi mate I thought someone had told me that before, so I have just tried what you suggested. Using Simbrief, I create the following full flight plan: EGNT/07 GIRL1T GIRLI UP18 POL DCT MCT DCT LISTO UL612 HON UN859 KIDLI WILO3B EGKK/08R The flight without the SIDS and STARS is (I believe) : GIRLI UP18 POL DCT MCT DCT LISTO UL612 HON UN859 KIDLI Can you tell me if I've removed the wrong items from the list, because when I import it into ProATCX I get this message, saying that it's an unexpected flight plan format! I've tried both of the above actually, and both give me the same error. Gaz
  11. Gary McCluskey

    'Spot' view problem & feedback

    Brill, thanks for getting back to me, mate, and good luck with Chaseplane. Gaz
  12. Gary McCluskey

    Using Pro ATC X

    Yes, I think I can see what you mean. I'll check it out. Hi mate, sorry, I didn't see this post when you put it there! I'm ok at the moment, just trying to get somewhere with the Airbus Pro, like you say. From what you've said, I'm guessing that the best thing for me to do is use Simbrief (like I do now), export the plan into the Airbus format, but copy & paste it into PROATC? That should fix it.
  13. Gary McCluskey

    Using Pro ATC X

    Thanks for that. Yeah, I love using Simbrief myself, and it exports the plans to the 3rd party aircraft I use, but there is nowhere in Simbrief saying it exports the plans to ProATC... I can see that Proatc can import a plan, but I don't know where from...?
  14. Gary McCluskey

    Using Pro ATC X

    Hi I'm thinking of using this as I bought it but haven't thought about compatibility. Will the flight plans it can create be compatible with 3rd party aircraft to use in IFR? also, does it use Navigraph? I subscribe to that and am currently up to date. Thanks, Gaz
  15. Hi - a couple of questions and some feedback on a great product here. I'm having a problem understanding how to set up the external camera system. I'm essentially basing this on the viewing system that's builtin to p3d. By default (without Chaseplane) , when I'm flying, and I go into spot view, the camera will stay level with the ground; if the plane banks, it does so on the screen, and the background stays level. When I use the external view on Chaseplane, however, it's like the camera is attached to the wing - the plane stays still on my screen and the background moves. It's it possible to make it like the builtin camera, so I can see the plane bank, rather than it being attached to the plane? Secondly, I used to have a program years ago that moved the 'tower' view along with the aircraft. Its like you saw the plane from a distance of x-feet, and then moved on when the plane flew past, so you could see the plane approaching again. Its like a view that stepped along side your aircraft. I loved it. Will it be a part of Chaseplane at some point? Lastly, I just wanted to report a problem with a part of Chaseplane that you've made clear is in production, so I don't expect it to work normally - but I thought I'd let you know. The REPLAY part is something I can't use yet because when I come out of it (pressing the stop button), it loads up the aircraft I had previously set up on my flight - not the one it recorded, not the plane I landed in (which is what I did the recording of). Anyway, I thought I'd let you know. Gaz