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  1. Gary McCluskey

    Heathrow expansion kit

    I'm thinking of buying an expansion of Heathrow, but I can see problems when I look at reviews. In FS9, the version I bought had an ability to make it so that one runway was for takeoffs and the other for landings. However, I'm not sure if there is an expansion that allows this in fsx:SE. Can someone point me the way? Thank, Gaz
  2. Gary McCluskey

    Moving the installation folder

    Hiya I had a login for that website but it was saying that I couldn't add anything to the forum. I've figured out why now and corrected it. Thanks for getting back to me! Gaz
  3. Gary McCluskey

    Moving the installation folder

    Brilliant, I really appreciate you getting back to me so quick. I'll do it now, Gaz
  4. Quick question. Is it possible to simply move the x-plane installation folder? Note that I haven't installed any addons or anything like that yet. When I installed it, it defaulted to an x-plane folder on my desktop, and I didn't make any change. However, my C-drive (SSD) is getting quite full, and I want to move it to the empty D-drive (HDD). I'm hoping it will just need a move and not a reinstall or anything like that. (I'm hoping it won't make it slower, either, to be honest.) Thanks, Gaz
  5. Gary McCluskey

    Speedbrakes on the default 737

    I don't know about the military jets, and to be honest I didn't know whether to call them speedbrakes or spoilers, but in the past I've always used the term speedbrakes. Anyway, thanks for everyone's help, I have it covered - it's just a sense of getting used to it! Gaz
  6. Gary McCluskey

    Something wrong with the engines...

    Thanks! Looking good now. Gaz
  7. Hi I'm completely baffled by this. I've been using XPlane all day, training. There have been no problems with the plane (default 737) until now. Now I can't get it to stop pouring out smoke from the back of both engines. Of course, when I come in the land, and reverse the thrust it shoots it up in front of me! I have made no changes, I can't understand that, even after I restarted the program, I am getting this smoke: BTW, I have noticed that it doesn't occur when I taxi to the runway at the start of the simulation - it is literally after takeoff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gaz
  8. Gary McCluskey

    Speedbrakes on the default 737

    I don't understand.... If that is the case, what 'panels' were coming up from the top of the wing whenever I've been on an aircraft that had literally just touched down? In addition, I've seen those panels help an aircraft to descend and turn quicker... I thought they were called spoilers or speedbrakes? In any case, those panels I am referring to are doing as I expected thanks to the comments above. Gaz
  9. Gary McCluskey

    Speedbrakes on the default 737

    thanks for that. I find it a bit weird because I didn't realise you have to arm it by just clicking 4, I thought of 4 as extending them, which is, of course, not what you want to do on approach. It's a bit opposite than using an airbus. Anyway, thanks for letting me know. I got it working now. Gaz
  10. Hi Quickie: I think I'm having trouble with my speed brakes. I can see that key 3 retracts them, and 4 extends them, however I'm having trouble finding out how to arm them for landing. I read somewhere that you simply have to retract them to full (on approach) and that will do it. I tried that, and landed no problem, but when I ran it back on the REPLAY mode, it didn't show that the speed brakes were extended on touchdown. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks, Gaz
  11. Gary McCluskey

    Looking around the cockpit

    I can't believe it! You're recommendations are brilliant, looking around it much better is X-plane now. Thanks everyone - I really appreciate it. Gaz
  12. Gary McCluskey

    Switching to xplane?

    Being brand new to XPlane, maybe I'm not answering your question right, but changing and assigning keyboard and joystick buttons and great, and much better in XPlane, I think. In the settings menu, there should be both Joystick and Keyboard buttons that let you do it. I'm sorry if I haven't answered your question - good luck. Gaz
  13. Hi I only just started using xplane now, and there's stuff on there I love. I'd like to ask a question about view settings. The URL below shows someone moving around their aircraft smoothly, especially the cockpit. Also, he shows that he can see the aircraft from outside and circle around the plane with it in the middle of the screen (in fsx, I remember using my joystick hat to do that). Can someone give me guidance on this? Do I need to buy software to move around, and look around smoothly? The shift+1-9 keys don't seem to be able to do this. Thanks, Gaz
  14. Gary McCluskey

    Weather tool advice

    I have bought Active Sky - but now the damn weather is great over the UK, where I'm training, lol. It has made the effect in FSX, but I hope it rains today too see if it updates, lol. Gaz