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  1. Thanks. Given that: the portal says my v5 version has 2 licenses left, should I still able to install it v4.5, just downloaded on that login?
  2. Can I ask, does it matter what I'm logged into on the website to download v4.5, even if I am logging with a v5 login?
  3. I'm at a point where I think we're talking about different software. Can I ask if I download v4.5 with my v5 license, then use the p5 license number? Don't go there. I haven't been able to get into P3D for a week now, and I'm genuinely thinking of leaving this 'hobby'.
  4. In which case, I will email them with what you said there! Do I use the v4 license and code when I get a reply from them? (This explains why they said I'm not allowed to login to 4 anymore.) I appreciate your help!
  5. If you login to your 5 site, I get an option - if I search I can get 4.5 or 5.
  6. I'm downloading the v5 now, and I stiill have the receipt email. I'm following what people are saying, but I'm stuck with the difference between : Customer ID: xxx0591 License ID: xxx8753 License Activation Password: xxxx5283 Which is going to go where if I want to install the v4.5 version?
  7. ok, so it's like this: License ID/SerialProductIssuedStatus/ExpirationActivations Left xxxxxxxxx Prepar3D v5 Academic LicenseApr 24 2020OK / N/A2 xxxxxxxxx Prepar3D v4 Academic LicenseJun 01 2018OK / N/A0 I have no activations left on the v4 code, so I'm downloading the 5 one (I think there is a v4.5 in that download). I've tried that and got errors there. However, I think you might be right. Thanks
  8. yep. in a way, it is telling me my password is wrong. if i generally get the password wrong, If you look at the pics I sent, one of them says the password is wrong.. If I use the right password, I get the message that says I have used my license too many times. So, because I get a different message there, this must be the correct password. So I have included Prepar3d but they don't sseem to read the emails properly - we've swapped emails but they don't seem to see how their software would work.
  9. that's how i was told it would be. the things is that they are emailing me, but not talking to me to fix the problem. their fixes never work.
  10. I'm still using 4.5, not v5 at all. Both of these are causing problems for me, and therefore I stick to what I have downloaded and I don't get an password problem with it.
  11. I know, but I am having trouble with the one for 4.5. I'm not having anythiing to do with v5 until I can find out what the problem.
  12. The problem is that I have a license login for their website. I use it and it allows me to download the new version of v4.5. When the .zip is downloaded and installed, I reboot the machine (it says the Install is Complete). After that it asks for the license login again on the first open of the application. It's done very quickly! https://photos.app.goo.gl/sUndXFS9w1BuLG4U6 This has totally stopped me using P3D, despite me paying them for v4 AND v5 seperately - I've paid for them! I'm begging for your help because Prepar3d are suggesting they're not looking into it, but I have to use the same license twice, once for download, and then again for install.
  13. When it was released, I installed v5, but it gave me real problems, so I installed v4.5 instead (after rebuilding my PC). My current version is Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.14.34698. I know this won't be the last problem, but is anyone having a problem with ChasePlane? It doesn't not give me error messages, but when I launch it I had to make sure it knew I was using v4.5, but ChasePlane doesn't even start when I start P3D. I've not had this problem before, where ChasePlane doesn't seem to know P3D has started. Can someone help, it would be much appreciated if anyone can. Thanks
  14. I'm completely confused with this. In the past ChasePlane has not been a problem. I'm currently testing it out on the v5 - I have installed it with but can't get it working at all, so the way of getting around views is terrible in v5. I've always used ChasePlane and not had an issue with it. I've don't know what to do with Prepar3d v5 now... All I wanted to change was view from the A-key from the captains seat in the cockpit, and the S-key to go through the outside views. I'm getting the point of view that that's not possible from v5.
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