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  1. This seems to be fixed, after the testing and help from @ianb2469 Gaz
  2. @ianb2469 : In MCDU4, pop up OPTIONS, SOUND, ATC. Is that FMGC? That aircraft is very quiet - still, maybe it works? I still want to hear ATC, but only the type that was written into P3D.
  3. Where are the FMGC settings? Thanks, Gaz
  4. No, I haven't installed any other ATC chatter problem... Very odd. I'm flying one of the Aerosoft Airbuses, and I have to admit I haven't even tried one that's just built into P3D. I'll do that now. Thanks both of you Gaz
  5. For some reason the simulator has started to give me background noise. It has always given me noise generated by itself, but now it's like another level of airplanes below the in-built FlightSim talking to each other - its below that. When I was in Spain, it was giving me just lots of background noise of a Canadian aircraft talking to a Canadian ATC, and it's the same speech over and over. It just sounds like rubbish. Can someone tell me how to turn it off? Thanks
  6. In fact, this doesn't work for me! The instructions for installation don't work. Gaz
  7. No - aircraft I want to fly. I can only find one - it's the A320 https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145346-airbus-a320-232-british-airways-g-euyr/ Gaz
  8. I'm looking for a British Airways livery for the A318, A319, A320 and/or A321. I know there come with the aircraft itself, but at some time in the past I was able to get one with winglets, and I could! But, and I can't find it on here at the moment. I would appreciate it where I can find the alternative. Gaz
  9. Can I just confirm that it uses only Terminal 5 for British Airways? Gaz
  10. Thanks. It's not my area at all - I'm not too technical now, but if can give me a link for this, I'll give it a try. Gaz
  11. I'm sorry that I have posted about this before, but given that a solution hasn't been found i thought i would post it again: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127386-mega-airport-heathrow-professional-ai-runway-usage/ Hi I have tried using the forum to fix this problem. The problem started when I upgraded my P3Dv4.5 to P3Dv5.1 Previously, some airport scenery addons allowed you to be specific about where you land and where you takeoff in v4.5. In the example of EGLL, when installing the scenery addon you can normally be specific about which runway you land at and which you takeoff at. I don't understand why, but it doesn't work on v5. Aircraft use both of the runways randomly, why have these addons runways being ignored despite that? Depending on something like the wind direction, and which runways have been specified, why is P3Dv5 just ignoring the real world? In other words, P3Dv5 ignores the option in the image attached. Note that this should be covered, since it makes a lot of functionality from people upgrading. On the Prepar3d website: Prepar3D v5 was developed with backwards compatibility in mind. A considerable effort was spent in exposing new SDK capabilities and maintaining backwards compatibility to ensure most third-parties can update to v5 with minimal effort. Therefore, many of the add-ons customers have used in previous versions of Prepar3D can be used in Prepar3D v5. Be sure to contact the content developers of your add-ons to confirm whether or not their product can be used in Prepar3D v5. I would be grateful of someone is looking into it or still getting the problem: . Gaz
  12. Thanks for looking into this. I've got the same prob at the moment (just to let you know): https://photos.app.goo.gl/9JGiNPNimrSmTDWt6 Gaz
  13. I can't find anything saying this A350XWB aircraft is coming for the P3D. Anynews? Gaz
  14. Mine is opposite. I was able to get onto the North runway for takeaway easily. The South runway was a nightmare for me. Maybe it was weather? I dunno.
  15. Talk about complicated! I'll stick with what o have. I'm just stunned with the problem, and it's always been good for me in the past. Thanks for getting back to me.
  16. Both those products sound complicated.. @Christopher Low, have you used it to fix the problem there?
  17. I agree. I'm going to take a good look at it tomorrow. Thanks, Gaz
  18. I have an issue here. I use Aerosoft Heathrow, and in the install (like many airports), it asks what runways you may want to use. I usually use without a problem, but now it ignores what runway you want. In this image, you can see that I want Takeoff North, Landing South. That used to work but it doesn't now at all - the aircraft come in randomly. If this not the right place to post, let me know where. https://photos.app.goo.gl/GesAKZm7ci3i8TTp7 Gaz
  19. No, I haven't set the IGNORE CRASH. Don't aircraft on the tarmac just go through if you set that? I'll try it again given what you're saying. Thanks
  20. I was taxing in the airport TO the runway, like i usually do, but for some reason it came up CRASH. Is there somewhere I can see where that would CRASH be located in a log so I can see why? Gaz
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