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  1. Never mind, turns out I just had to find the key binding. Thanks a lot!
  2. Was doing a normal flight, then my Prepar3D audio decided to cut out. After many restarts, the audio still wouldn’t come back. I have absolutely no idea what the source to this could be. The speakers work with other applications, and the primary playback device is set to my speakers. Any help is much appreciated
  3. I am using fly chrono in order to allow the sim to follow real world time, however the sim time is always a minute off from the real life time when I use FlyChrono, how do I fix this?
  4. Update: holding now works, eventually it does draw out the holding pattern and LNAV does fly it properly. even when it’s not drawn out on the ND it still flies the pattern, and eventually it draws the pattern out mid hold. my question is, what exactly is this behavior? is there a certain pattern behind it?
  5. Weird, the 1 minute leg is always programmed in the holding page by default. I also tried making a hold leg length 10nm and it still didn’t work out.
  6. Just bought the 777, definitely the best purchase I’ve made for flight simulation. Everything is working great other than holds. When I try to program a hold, it appears as a circle on the ND, and the LNAV ends up flying a circle pattern instead of what I programmed it to do. What also happens is that I program the hold, it appears as a proper “race track” on the ND, but the LNAV still flies a small circle pattern regardless. I’ve seen videos where people do exactly what I do with the FMC and they get a perfect hold on the spot. Can someone please explain to me what I could be doing wrong, and how I can properly fly a hold in the 777?
  7. When I was at my filed cruising altitude of FL270, the radar controller instructed me to climb to FL350. I followed the instructions and climbed to the assigned altitude. My question is, why did they instruct me to climb to a higher altitude although I was at my filed cruising altitude? My guess right now is that there was a lot of traffic since it was a Friday night over Germany. However, I did disconnect in the middle of the flight due to personal reasons, so I did not get any other instructions. This makes me wonder if the ATC would've instructed me to descend back to FL270. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could confirm this for me.
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