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  1. I have fixed this issue by uninstalling realtek audio drivers, thanks for the help and stay safe.
  2. That did not solve the issue, It could be a memory leak, any ideas on how to fix that? I have done a fresh display driver installation too,
  3. So I got P3D and I am still experiencing the problem, any help is appreciated, thanks... Someone told me that it is a memory leak, any ideas on how can i fix that?
  4. I am using FSX:SE and i reinstalled the nvidia drivers to check if that wass the issue and it wasn't, I also don't have any external audio and when i mute the sim by pressin Q fixes the fps issue but there is no sound. I don't remember doing any changes to my PC either. Update: I have done a complete reinstallation of fsx and the problem is NOT fixed, I am guessing that this could be a PC related issue. I will reinstall my audio drivers and keep you updated. Update 2: Installing audio drivers did NOT fix the problem, this is so annoying, I don't wanna lose all of my addons and the money I invested in this simulator.
  5. Hello, today suddenly I started up fsx in the default ultralight and went to outside view and realized that my fps dropped below 10 from around 200 and there was no sound, so i pressed "Q" and i got back to normal frame rates, i have uninstalled and reinstalled fsx but that didn't fix the problem, I have also regenerated my fsx.cfg. I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed in my RTX2060 super. This is a really annoying thing and I hope someone will help me out Enska Ekim
  6. Hello, I have downloaded a mod for the default xplane cessna that adds two gtn screens, but i keep hearing the annoying default xplane click sound whenever i touch anywhere in the sim. Is there a fix for that? Also the engine sounds are different.
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