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  1. This is the PC-24 from IRIS Simulations and I've become quite happy with it. Yeah, it's got "quirks" and is far from perfect but, it's a load of fun to fly anyway!
  2. My P3D V3 install (after working perfectly for months) developed a severe memory leak whereby the VAS gradually increased to OOM when just sitting at the gate especially severe with A2A 182 and Comanche. This occurred (maybe just a coincident) after reverting config file back to original after experimenting with the PTA tool and on starting the sim ChasePlane updated but instead of displaying VAS it displayed a smiley face. Explored all the recommended fixes without success including a lengthy reinstall. Without solving the problem with V3 I installed P3D V4 (thinking it would be worth the time building the sim again all be it waiting for developers to release V4 versions) and on opening ChasePlane I noted the smiley face I had seen previously. I have continued to try and repair/solve the problem with P3D V3 (sitting idle after load) and observed the continuous consumption of memory in Task Manager I then did the same with P3D V4 (sitting idle after load) and observed the very same continuous consumption of memory. All the other apps I use with P3D (ChasePlane, Active Sky) when sitting idle remain constant in memory use, as does all the Adobe products, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Does anyone know what’s going on here and can offer a solution, this happened prior to the Windows10 update which I installed later in the vain hope that it might fix the problem all relevant drivers have been updated. I need HELP, any suggestions? MickP System Specs: Intel i7 4.0 GHZ OC:4.5GHZ msi Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon 16GB DDR-4-3000 RAM Nvidia GTX 1080 Windows10
  3. Hi everyone, Before I really want to get the regions from ORBX but due to the VAS problem I chose not to. Now with the P3D V4 coming up and ORBX is on big sale, I want to ask if the regions affect the performance in your setup when using FSX or P3D V3? Planning on purchase PNW, NoCal and SoCal I have had very good performance using complex addons together (FSDT KLAX/ Flightbeam KSFO with PMDGs/FSLabs) so I would assume I can use them with the regions. Thank you, Hoang Le
  4. I just did a fresh install of the latest version of P3D V4 and all is running great. I installed the 737-800 base package and it installs just fine. I made sure simconnect is active and I installed everything as administrator. P3D V4 is running fine and planes are launching just fine. The aircraft preview section shows the PMDG 737 base models are there, but when I select one of them to load, P3D V4 shuts down to the desk top. What's wrong? Can anyone suggest to me a way to repair this? Is there a missing file somewhere? I am totally baffled. I've never encountered this before. Any help will be very much appreciated.
  5. Hello PMDG, hello fellow forum users, oh boy I'm so glad I can once again enjoy this beautiful 737 on it's latest V4 rework. Thank you guys for this quick port to V4. For one that only now did the switch to P3D, the waiting was horrible. I purchased V4, cleaned my system (fresh OS install) and waited like forever to be able to fly something. Here my experience: 1. Installation: went pretty smooth on my end. I did run as admin and it was a "click and forget" thing. 2. Activation: Again no problem at all. 3. Flight. Did already 5-6 short flights mainly EDDM, LRTR, LIEE, LIME, and so on and had no issues. Regards, Gerald EDIT: I thought I had an issue with the Electrical Power Control Display. I was wrong! I had GND Power connected. My bad (remowed that from my previous post).
  6. Hello everyone After the last update of PMDG NGX 1.20.8413 the 737 IMMERSION does not work anymore. I downloaded the VFXCentral again. Uninstalled and re-installed. But the effects do not appear. Do I need help? P3D V4
  7. I have been using P3D V4.1 exclusively but it gives me CTD for unknown reason, no error message, no windows event was recorded (in most of the cases), that was with default airplanes and third party as well, had same issue with P3D V4. I searched the internet for a solution and read somewhere that memory mode XMP could cause such a problem, went to my BIOS and switched memory mode from XMP to (AUTO). I have tested P3D for a week now with all scenarios that I used to fly (had to be long time flight, not less than 2 to 3 hours in general, or let us say P3D had to be running for long time, with some take offs and landings) and everything seems to be working just fine. Noticed two things though and I think it’s a normal; 1- There is a new spar short stutters. 2- Lost couple of FPS with memory in AUTO mode. Now, is it a memory module defects or P3D coding optimization problem? I really can’t say since I don’t have another memory module to try out, therefore I will leave it for someone else to determine that if they have same issue and extra memory module to swap for trouble shooting. I wrote this post trying to help folks like me with same issue, and to extend my thanks to the unknown (at least to me) original guy who brought this fix to the community. happy flying.
  8. With the recent release of the FSLabs A320 for P3D V4, FSLabs are now setting the standard for realism within the flight simulation platform. From using more realistic flight dynamics and flight model to using custom sounds that change depending on the area of the aircraft you are in. Will PMDG be implementing any of these features and attempt to reset the standard, atleast for Boeing/non Airbus aircraft?
  9. I have been on the fence whether to buy this aircraft or not. I see a lot of forums where people ask if they should buy this aircraft but i didn't really find the answer on YouTube or in any forum. So is it worth it considering its the only A340 available for P3D V4? What would be the pros and cons? Thanks (Not looking to buy the A330 from Black Box as we have aerosoft on the task)
  10. Hi, I was wondering. Do you have any recommended AA setting for P3D V4 at 1080p? Some setting which has good balance between performance and looks. Combination of Nvidia Inspector and internal setting? Or only internal setting? Specs: i7 3770K OC at 4.3 GHz GTX 980 Thanks very much :-)
  11. is there a way to stop 3rd party airport scenery from reloading every time I change view angle in P3D V4?, it was understandable under V3. it keeps reloading buildings, hangers, tower, ground texture .. etc. even while I'm waiting for my take off turn, just change view angle, every thing will start reloading again, very annoying.
  12. I'm having this issue with auto gen at destination area, every thing start great on departure airport/area (for example from ORD to JFK or vice versa), every thing is loaded and filled to the horizon in ORD (well, almost because I still can see some square are still loading but at a distance), but when I reach destination JFK, things looks blurred and things start to pop up slowly one square after another when I'm overhead that area (trees, houses, buildings, etc....), I have changed my video card from GTX 780 OC to GTX 1080Ti OC to overcome this issue with no luck, any suggestion is highly appreciated.
  13. Hi guys, please help i know there is a simple answer to this well i hope so, I just came back to P3D after sometime away and i reinstalled both the 737 and 777 with new P3D V4 downloads. But both cockpits are filled with washed out textures. I have checked everything i can think off but no luck. I have a screen shot but im not sure how to post it here.
  14. Times have certainly changed over the years. I didn't join the forums here until 2009, so I'm assuming most people are not familiar with the original Air Kevin livery when the airline was started on July 30th, 2003. The following screenshot was taken some time in 2004. At the time, I was running FS2002, and the graphics at the time weren't really all that great. I have no idea how, but somehow, somewhere, I recently stumbled across this screenshot once again. Fast forward to today, and I'm now running P3D V4 with the latest and greatest....or at least, it was a year ago, anyway. You can see how much better this old livery can look on a much more advanced simulator, even if the livery itself wasn't much. Okay, so maybe I don't actually use that livery anymore and only just recently painted it up just to see how it would look with the latest and greatest. This is the present livery I'm using. With the original design in 2007, there have been three minor changes to this livery to get it to where it is now. This would be the livery that most of you here would have seen.
  15. A bit of action by the beach. Lining up for runway 10. And we're airborne. Gear up. An overview of the airport as we make a right turn out. Overflying the beach as we make our way in.
  16. Along the new update (2.0) we finally got the cargo model of this beautiful (and very well simulated) old bird. A great product IMHO. Quote from AS forum "HISTORY Added cargo model and associated liveries: United, Fine Air, LAC, AIA. Added gsx.cfg files for passenger and cargo versions in the DC-8_50 folder. You must rename the files to switch to the cargo version. Updated paint kit for cargo version. Further improved tank selection initiation. Fixed reverser animation so they will not animate when engine not running. Connected takeoff warning to engine three throttles in addition to engine one. Corrected fuel pressure gauges so boost pumps don't create pressure from empty tanks. Fixed fuel flow gauges to not show fuel flow before valves turned on during start. Added pop-up for control of external air, external electrical power, and cargo doors. "Shift 5" to access. Updated loader pop-up to accommodate both passenger and cargo variants. Changed clocks from local time to GMT. Changed heading select coding to allow external nav apps to control aircraft heading. Fixed bug causing hydraulic problems when cold and dark flight saved. Corrected animation of PT probe heaters switch and associated text on overhead. Now supported by Aerosoft Updater" https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/142142-aerosoft-dc-8-updated-to-version-2000/
  17. It's a strange coincidence, during my world tour I arrived in Holy Russia yesterday, election day. A rather short flight: less than 580 nm, I already did 2x more in one flight. Not being restricted by the fuel, I just tried to beat speed records. At the departure (PASY), bad weather, 3°C, but already 20 knots of tailwind Above the clouds at FL120 climbing to FL200. Love the way ASP4 renders a plain, soft cloud blanket Somewhere above the Bering Sea, I officially fly over Russian territorial waters Ground speed of 335-340 kts, helped by quite strong tailwinds The view is impressive while approcahing the TOD. I will circle around the Koriakski and Avatchinski volcanoes by the left, to align on the assigned runway 36R (ILS approach) Intercepting the ILS over Mokhovaya Bay. An IL-76 Aeroflot is holding while I am in short final Military traffic in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. A huge Mi-26 on the right, and Mi-8s aligned on the left Reaching the taxiway seems never ending: RWY 36R is 3400m long which takes 5 mn to run at 20 kts. An Il-76 from Irkutsk is forced to a go-around, I can almost hear the Russian insults... Finally... Heading left, for a rather specific taxi which crosses a forest to join the terminals The only signs of Western liveries are freight: Fedex, UPS period. Appart from that, Il76, An74, Aeroflot, Gazprom, Zitotrans... No doubt, we are now in Russia ! Now I'm planning the next flight to the West.
  18. Ill cut straight to the chase, I know my system can run it just fine, but will it be able to get to a good FPS? Here are my specs (Its a laptop I know, I'm building my own pc in Christmas however.) ROG G752VT Intel I7 6700 2.6GHz 4 core CPU 16 Gigs RAM GTX 970M
  19. Hi everyone, I have a Saitek-x52(I know!) and I need to map a hat switch om my flight-stick to p3d.............any ideas anyone?
  20. Hi people, I am a RW 320 pilot looking to set up FS labs A320. To that end, I have recently bought a copy of P3D V4 and I'm having a lot of trouble setting up my Saitek Pro thrust quadrant, MadCatz joystick and Saitek rudder pedals. I am looking for an idiots guide to FSUIPC5. Although there is indeed already a lot of information from Pete Dowson and others about this software it all assumes a certain amount of knowledge that I simply don't have. I have tried to register on Pete's support Forum so that I can ask this question but I never received the registration email despite the site saying that it's been sent (yes I've checked my junk mail folder) The video's that assist to some extent don't seem to be quite the same as what I'm looking at. I would appreciate your help.
  21. Howdy, I have noticed the CDI's GS is not active during a LPV approach using the Flight 1 GTN. The GS is not flagged, and the CDI mode is set to GPS. I've tried this on several approaches with no luck. I can get the GS to work on an ILS approach. However, the autopilot will not "follow" the GS on approach mode. I am using P3D V4, DC-6, Flight 1 GTN650, Windows 10.
  22. I set Prepar3D to only use 10 out of 12 of my logical processors, when P3D is loading I get around 80% CPU usage but when I get into the actual simulation the usage plummets to around 20% - 40% and doesn't go any higher. I tried making P3D use all cores, little to no difference. I know it most likely isn't a bottleneck of any kind since previously I've had P3D V4 run on all cores at 100% CPU usage with fine temperatures and high framerates, only recently it's started doing this. Specs: i7-8700k GTX 1060 6GB 16GB DDR4 3000MHz 250GB SSD When P3D is in the simulation: As I said earlier, it can't be a bottleneck since it's been running at 100% before with all cores being used. Doesn't even do that with all cores checked now.
  23. Okay, I'm a greedy pig and I want it all ! I use Aerofly FS2 for VR, X-Plane has been my primary sim for past few years and I was in FSX before that.. so now i'm adding P3D V4 to my sim collection mainly for widebodies (and hopefully the ATR-72-600 when it comes out).. So I have some knowledge of ESP platform and what to expect.. but absolutely no experience with P3D as such.. so lot of questions on what add-ons to get etc.. need all of your guidance and advice to get me onboard ! My system specs in my signature (i7 4.4GhZ, GTX 1070) are pretty decent.. and budget is not an issue.. so I need to know what stuff to buy to get the best eye candy.. 1. The first add-on I have set my eyes on is the QW 787.. how is the performance, esp at night w/dynamic lighting? why doesn't it have wheel chocks like PMDG 747? 2. Is dynamic lighting still a performance issue in 4.2? will 4.3 fix it? Can i turn OFF shadows, clouds etc at night to allow dynamic lighting? I absolutely need bright apron lights for my Asian airports at night.. so turning OFF dynamic lighting is not an option for me.. 3. Do i absolutely need PTA or will the new tomato mod suffice or even be better? 4. I had MyTraffic 6 in FSX.. should i reinstall that or is Just flight global a better option? if so, why? 5. I had REX in FSX.. stick with it or get AS16 + cloud art? 6. Will bring over FTX global and HD trees for sure. do i need ORBX vectors/regions/etc? I mostly fly long hauls.. 7. GSX - looking forward to level 2 expansion.. but in its current version, does it provide VDGS or only marshaller.. didn't see too many youtube videos with VDGS.. also, the parking is always misaligned with the markings.. is this something one can configure using GSX parking editor? I used to be able to do this in AES.. 8. Can i get 25-30 fps on final approach into KSFO HD on QW 787 with medium graphic settings? Just want to know where 4.2 stands on performance at this point.. 9. Will get chaseplane for camera system & FSUIPC for multiple joystick profiles. 10. any other must have add-ons for long haul wide body flights? I meant other than aircraft add-ons.. like smart utility tools that enhance the sim.. for e.g does chase plane do replays the way FSrecorder used to do?
  24. Hello everyone, I thought I'd open a new topic for this. Just installed and having problems. Using PF3 3.6.0. VFR flight from PHNY to PHLU. As soon as MCE displays the red text "[MCE] Looking for changes...", the sim (P3D V4) freezes (visuals frozen, rain sound still playing). Soon after that happens, the MCE ATC register states "PF3 not connected" (right after start-up, MCE shows the right flight plan). Before was using, patched to, and wasn't having this problem. Also using TrackIR5, ASP4 & ASCA & UTL. It also happens with ATC mode = Native. Seems to have to do with the keypresses MCE does while initializing...? Using GSX. What else does MCE cycle right after start-up? What I've tried so far: -Starting P3D without any entries in dll. and exe.xml -Reverting to (fsinsider64.dll version is -Deleting mce.ini and having it rebuilt -Deleting fsinsider.ini - doesn't get rebuilt? -Reverted FSUIPC 5.112 to 5.103 Nothing's working. Getting extremely frustrated...
  25. In P3D V4, I've uninstalled my previous versions of Barcelona by Justsim and Latin VFR, in anticipation of adding the new Aerosoft Mega Barcelona. In checking the default Barcelona, the airport is clean except for some left over extraneous gates. For the life of me I cannot find what file is causing those random gates to appear. I've checked the SODE directory and removed any traces of LEBL there and all other likely places like the world-scenery directory and the P3 V4 addons directory.There might be a leftover AFCAD somewhere, but I can't find it. It probably has an odd name. Also, I do not use MyTraffic. I would be very appreciative if anyone has a suggestion?
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