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Registration Terms


At the end of this registration process you will be sent an email requesting that you validate your registration. If you do not validate the email that is sent to you, your registration will not be approved and you will have limited access to AVSIM Online. Before you go any further in registering here, ensure that your email spam filters are set to allow email from @avsim.net AND @avsim.com. If you do not do this, your email will eventually be cleaned from our database and you will be allowed to re-register in five (5) days. If you have a spam checker that sends a message back requesting confirmation from AVSIM, you will not be confirmed and your registration will fail. Turn off your spam checker before attempting to register!

NOTICE: If you create a duplicate account, both accounts will be banned. Please do not create duplicate accounts. If you are having problems with your current account, contact AVSIM staff to resolve.

AVSIM's Terms of Service (TOS)

Last Updated: December 29, 2013



Continued use of the AVSIM site is your tacit agreement to these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be given access to the AVSIM Community as a full member and you will have limited access to the AVSIM Community. If you continue to use the AVSIM System, you will be held accountable for behaving and acting within these terms of service. Violations can result in suspension of your activity here, or a total banning.



WARNING! DONATIONS & REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION: AVSIM provides this service for free. As a fully registered member, you are given access to all areas of AVSIM. If you feel inclined to donate to AVSIM, there are a number of areas within the site where you can do so, but the service is free and you are under no obligation to donate a thing.

If you receive an email that appears to be from AVSIM requesting a donation, do not respond. Please forward the email to staff@avsim.com immediately with all header information intact. AVSIM never solicits donations via email and if you receive a solicitation for a donation, you can be assured that it does not originate from AVSIM.

AVSIM never requests personal details via email. If you are asked for personal information from what appears to be AVSIM, please forward that email with header information intact, to staff@avsim.com.







Your Access to AVSIM: Your access to AVSIM is not a right. You are allowed access because you agree to these Terms of Service and commit to abide by them. If you do not abide by them, your access will be removed. However, AVSIM reserves the right to remove or ban a user at any time, based solely on our judgement and what we deem to be in the best interests of AVSIM Online, our community, and its partners and advertisers.

Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts are not allowed. You may have one and ONLY one account on the AVSIM forums. More than one will get one or all of those accounts banned.

Account Deactivation: If YOU REQUEST to have your account deactivated, be advised that we interpret that as you not wanting to have anything further to do with AVSIM. We will immediately honor your request. In keeping with our interpretation of a request for account deactivation, we will also remove your ability to access the forums and the file library in the future.

Copyright and Intellectual Property: You will not post or otherwise place material on AVSIM, in its library or elsewhere that is protected by copyright or is the intellectual property of another. If you wish to upload or place on AVSIM material copyrighted by someone else, you are required to have their emailed authorization to do so and you must provide that authorization email to AVSIM staff for verification BEFORE you use it within AVSIM. Items such as images that are not made by you, aircraft manuals, images from other sites, etc., are all examples of copyrighted material that you cannot upload or place on AVSIM.

AVSIM's Copyrights: All material and content located within AVSIM and its various sections is either held in copyright by AVSIM or by original content providers. Re-use and dissemination of that material and content is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from AVSIM Online. This includes all written content, whether articles, news or forum material.

Behavior and Your Actions: AVSIM’s goal is to provide an educational and entertainment resource for people with similar interests and a community that is fun to be part of by users from around the world. Your acts and words on AVSIM will not, in any way, infringe upon others enjoyment of the AVSIM site. Any acts of bigotry, profanity, or disregard for what is reasonably considered to be polite social behavior may result in suspension or banning entirely. Keep in mind that AVSIM is a multinational and multicultural site, and social norms vary from country to country.  This clause also includes and refers to any material or language that AVSIM Staff consider to be inflammatory and intended to do no more than elicit controversy and division.

Indemnification: You Indemnify AVSIM: If, by your actions or words, AVSIM is litigated against in any form, or otherwise faces legal measures, you agree to fully indemnify and protect AVSIM. You agree that you will be responsible for all costs associated with AVSIM defending itself as a result of your actions or words.

Accuracy of Information: AVSIM is not responsible for the accuracy of information found in our community system. By using our service, you agree to hold AVSIM harmless from your use of the information, instructions, opinions, or other material found here.

Solicitation of Money: Solicitation of money is strictly forbidden on AVSIM. If you think you have a cause that you would like to solicit funds for, you need to have AVSIM's EXPLICIT WRITTEN PERMISSION to do so. Do not post solicitation messages without prior approval from AVSIM Staff.

Images and Signatures: You agree to abide by policies regarding signatures and image posting, as well as other policies that may from time to time be issued or updated.

Commercial Users and Advertising: Commercial users are NOT allowed to advertise within the AVSIM forums or elsewhere within AVSIM without the prior approval of AVSIM Staff. Commercial users are allowed to post information regarding upcoming sales, bargains, etc., but ONLY in the BARGAIN BASEMENT Forum or their own forum hosted by AVSIM.

Deceptive Practices: Deceptive practices by a member are reason for suspension or banning. An example; what appears to be a normal member is touting a product, which on the face of it, seems like an enthusiastic user encouraging others to consider that product. The reality is that the "normal user" is actually a stake holder and in some way profits in the sale of that product. In this example, this is an immediate banning offense.

Freedom Of Speech: AVSIM is not a democracy, and there is no such thing as unrestricted "Freedom of Speech" in our forums. If you believe that you are entitled to do and say as you please without regard to our rules and/or the enjoyment of the site by others, then reconsider... Please do NOT register.

BETA Testers: If you agree to be a BETA Tester for a commercial entity, your status and use of AVSIM changes. You are not permitted to post images of the product you are BETA testing. You are not permitted to reveal or communicate details of the product you are testing. You are not permitted to be a "proxy" for the commercial vendor. Only after it has been publicly announced that BETA testing is over AND an imminent release date for the product has been announced, can you post images, discuss the product and answer questions from other users. BETA Testers who post material for a product that is not to be released in a week or two from their post will be considered as a violation of our commercial advertising policies.

Your Access to Commercial Support Forums: Your access to ALL forums hosted by AVSIM is subject to AVSIM's Terms of Use. Violation of these terms will result in suspension or banning from all forums, including those of commercial vendors whose forums are located here. If you violate our Terms of Service and suffer the consequences, you have not been cut off from support. The vendors whose forums are found here provide support ticket systems directly. Using "I have been denied support" as an argument for not being banned will not undo your banning or suspension.

Other Flight Sim Sites: If you run or assist on another flight sim site, please do not try to poach our members, recruit others to contribute content or violate our copyrights. We do not do that to other sites, and we expect them not to do it to us. It is not cool, and those that do will become unwelcome here very quickly.

Links to Torrents: Adding links to legitimate files served up by torrents is an acceptable practice within posts in the forums. However, we encourage all readers to use caution when using torrent links found within our forums or elsewhere for that matter. Links to pirate sites, pirate files or other "warez" will result in immediate banning. Members are urged to report pirated files, pirate site links, etc. to AVSIM staff as soon as possible.

Threats and Intimidation of Staff and Members: AVSIM is operated by dozens of volunteers who enable your enjoyment and use of the AVSIM system. Any harassment, threats, or other objectionable behavior toward them or fellow community members will result in the harshest of consequences. This is a "One Strike and You are Out" offense. There are no excuses for abuse of our volunteers and members and none will be tolerated.

Stalking, Predatory Practices, Pedophilia, and Pornography: Any acts, messages, private messages or other material or deeds addressed to an AVSIM member that fall into any of these categories will result in immediate banning and AVSIM will report the behavior, with evidence, to the appropriate authorities. We are a family centered community and violation of any of these will result in very harsh measures.

Privacy: To the extent that we are able, we protect your email address and registration information. We do not sell or "lend" your email address or your registration details to anyone outside of the AVSIM Organization. We are not responsible however, for your personal information that you post in our public forums. Keep in mind that everything you post in the forums are subject to collection by any number of search engines, collection "bots" and so on. Be careful with what you post, and consider it carefully before posting something that you would rather remain private. Once posted, there is not much AVSIM can do about it and we do NOT monitor the forums 24x7 to correct or delete your message.

Private Messages: AVSIM provides a Private Messaging System for the use of our members. This PM System can be read by Administrators and can be accessed by others, including law enforcement, if necessary. If you do not want your mother or the police to read your PM, then do not post it.

Piracy, Key Sharing, Link Sharing, EULA Busting, etc.: Any message, post or topic heading that appears to advocate or enable piracy, shares cracked software, links to or other like material, advocates avoidance of or contravening of End User License Agreements (EULAs) or can be interpreted as approval of piracy or EULA "busting", will be immediately removed and the poster banned. Piracy of software destroys the basis of our hobby and AVSIM enforces anti-piracy policies strictly. If you are a pirate, advocate piracy, or use pirated material, do not register. We place EULA busting in the same category.

These policies are subject to change and you can be assured that they will from time to time. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with these changes.