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Welcome to X-Plane painters

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 08:29 AM

Hi friends,

I realise this Aircraft Paintersforum is a part of the Microsoft Flightsimulators Forums , nevertheless I would like to welcome painters who are active in repainting aicraft for X-Plane.
Why? You might ask ,let me explain.

Painting, re-painting, or making skins if you like to use that word, for X-Plane is basicly the same as doing it for MSFS or any other simulator.
Though we have a special X-Plane forum at AVSIM ,I think its a waste of time ,energy and space to create a separate aircraft paintersforum for X-Plane or any other sim.

Years ago I started making skins for FLY , followed by skins for MSFS and since a few years I am doing the same tricks for X-Plane as well.
For those who are interested have a look here http://www.flybike-paints.nl

Whenever this painterforum might be really flooded with X-Plane painters it might be the moment to create an exclusive X-Plane-Paintersforum.
On the other hand, painting is painting and looking into the other kitchen is fun too and maybe thats not a good idea then.
Time will tell.

The AVSIM management encourages activities bringing more X-Plane users to AVSIM

So let`s give all painters a warm welcome.

Leen de Jager

p.s. no need to say I made an announcement about this at the X-Plane forum too.

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