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AVSIM's News Submission Form

AVSIM Online is simulation's premier news source, visited by 100's of thousands of readers every month. AVSIM's news covers the flight and combat simulation hobbies around the world. We actively solicit news from the community, vendors and software houses and we encourage you to send news to us that you think might be of interest to those in the global simulation community. If you have a story or a press release that is related to:

+ general aviation simulation
+ combat simulation
+ train, ship, or other simulation
+ gaming hardware related
+ utility software of possible interest to simulation enthusiasts
+ or on any topic that you think could impact or be of interest to the simulation community

We encourage you to submit your story here. If you have an image to include, then please see below. Thanks for participating and helping us to give the best in news to simulation enthusiasts around the world.

Please be advised that we do NOT accept stories regarding Virtual Airlines and real world aircraft disasters. If you would like to post a news item related to a Virtual Airlines, you can do so by posting it in the Virtual Airline News Forums. If wish to announce an event, such as a VATSIM or IVAO flyin, please place your event in our calendar, which will show the event on our front page as the event nears. You can do that here.

NOTICE: AVSIM reserves the right to reject any news submission which we deem to be inappropriate, violates our Terms of Service, or in our sole opinion, is not newsworthy. AVSIM is in no way obligated to post any material you submit and by using this submission form, you agree to that term.

Commercial Vendors: AVSIM does not accept news items that are simply announcements of "sales", "discounts" or "product promotions". We will accept stories that announce the release of product, modifications to product (patches, updates, etc.), or add-on's to products. If you would like to advertise on AVSIM, simulation's most read news site, please contact us at AVSIM Staff.If you wish to publicize a sales, discount, or other incentive program, you can do so at our Bargain Hunter's Shack. Please keep in mind that in order to post in that forum, you must have posted 15 or more messages elsewhere in the forum.

Once you submit an article via this form, you will receive an AUTO RESPOND email informing you that your post has been forwarded to the editorial staff of AVSIM. If we have any questions regarding your news item, we will be in touch with you (usually within 24 hours). DO NOT EXPECT A RESPONSE unless we have questions or concerns about your news submission. If your news submission does not appear within 24 hours, it is most likely because it did not fulfill our requirements as a news item. Be advised that NOT ALL news items are published, and publishing is solely at the discretion of the AVSIM Editorial Team.

(Note: all fields must be filled in)

Your Full Name:
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Your news story:

Once your form is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement that your news was successfully submitted via email.

If you would like to submit an image with your news article, please send your press release information and image via email to editors@avsim.com. Your image should not be larger than 200 pixels wide by 120 pixels high. Images sent larger than that will be rejected.

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