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Leg 6: Zaragoza Air Base to Madrid Barajas

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(Originally posted 11/27/13)


Leg 6

Depart: Zaragoza Air Base (LEZG)

Arrive: Madrid Barajas (LEMD)

Aircraft: Beechcraft King Air C90B (Carenado) *


Flight Plan: LEZG BAN LEMD

Distance: 140.8 nm


Scenery: Default (Aerosoft LEMD)


Once my sleepyhead co-pilot has decided to rejoin me in Zaragoza, I make our preparations for the next leg of the Tour. Leg 6 will take us over the Meseta Central and into the heart of Spain. Departing from Zaragoza, we'll fly east-south-east toward the VOR/DME at Barahona before turning further south toward Madrid, the capital of Spain and her largest city.




The Spanish Air Force operates four C90s for utility and transport purposes, so it is fitting that we fly one out of Zaragoza Air Base. Looks like we'll be taking some SPAF bigwigs down to a meeting in the capital.


Also, I'm a sucker for twin-turboprops.




With two powerful 550 shp turbine engines mounted on the wings, the King Air makes short work of the climb to 10,000 ft. I configure the aircraft for cruising at about 200 kts. It's going to be a quick trip!


Below us the rugged terrain of the Meseta Central zips by.




Since LEMD is a big international airport, we need to follow the published patterns for a smooth arrival. I select a VOR/DME approach for runway 18L and begin the preparations for landing after passing BAN. I've never actually flown a VOR/DME approach before, so this is all a bit new to me: there's a lot that has to happen in a short amount of time and my co-pilot is too busy picking his nose to tune the radios or dial in altitude constraints. Despite his ineptitude, I get the aircraft established on the glide-slope and configured for landing.




Welcome to Madrid!





Next leg: Madrid Barajas (LEMD) to Córdoba (LEBA)

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