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Guest ta_dzik

Crazy RC4 vectoring - verify your magnetic variation

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Guest ta_dzik

If you are using add-on airport scenery (or 2005 magvar.bgl with default scenery - more about magvar.bgl here http://pagesperso-orange.fr/hsors/navaids.html) you may find out that RC4 is vectoring you way off the runway. This is because the RC4 uses runway magnetic heading (and possibly variation) as given in the AFCAD files (through MakeRwys) whereas FS2004 is using magvar.bgl data to update your magnetic heading gauges and ignores AFCAD data.Example - Falklands EGYP (Mount Pleasant) airport from the freeware scenery s_atlc1a.zip and magvar 2005. Runway 28 true heading is 285, magnetic variation used by FS is 4.3 so the correct magnetic compass heading used by FS2004 is 281. However in AF2_EGYP.bgl there is magnetic variation of -5.1 and therefore the RC4 is assuming 290 is the required magnetic heading. This gives almost 10 degrees error in vectors to the final and missed approach. There are two solutions:1) edit your AFCAD file and change airport and navaids magnetic variation to match the FS2004 variation (do not forget to rerun the MakeRwys and rebulid RC4 database)2) edit your magvar.bgl to match your addon airport (I do not know how to do this, but Herv

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