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I'm having all sorts of email problems right now. My messages from yesterday didn't get sent either. Grant, as to your question on the cram, yes, you need to re-cram with the RR engine files to get a new RR engined 757 cram. You should have these two folders in the paintkit, PW and RR.There are 5 files missing from the paintkit that are needed by the editor to correctly cram the RR '57. They are, WINGBASE.TAG, WINGTIP.TGA, WINGTRAILINGEDGE.TGA, WINGGEARDOORINSIDE.TGA and WINDSHIELDWIPER.TGA. I copied the files from one of the PMDG crams and saved them as TGA's placing copies into the Day Airframe folder in the PW folder in the paintkit. You need to copy all of the files from the PW Day livery and Day Airframe folders into the Fly! II Art folder. You also copy the files from the Day Livery folder of the RR folder into the Art folder in Fly! II. Rename the two .S3D files in the RR Models folder to your repaint and place them into the Models folder in Fly! II. Rename the lo.S3D file from the PW models folder and copy that into the Models folder in Fly! II. Follow Robert's directions and you'll end up with a new RR CRAM. The RR cram and the PW cram are different enough that you cannot just copy the RR engine TGA's into an existing PW cram and get a new pod.These are what the tga's look like that you need to copy and save as tga's in the paintkit.Try using my old gte email account,plsterli@gte.netThanks,Pete

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