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Guest Ian_Riddell

Baro/Radio Mins Controls

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Hi, PMDG-er's....I'm having trouble understanding the operation of the Baro/Radio Mins controls.... I thought they would operate like they do on a 747-400 (newer type) or 777, but this doesn't seem to be the case.Firstly, you can set some ridiculous Radio Minimums values.... e.g. 7000'. Considering that the max range of the Radio Altimeters is just over 2500', this surely has to be wrong???On my last test flight, when aircraft was approaching a number of Baro Minimum settings (from above), the Baro mins cursor on the altitude tape was already amber and turned to green when the aircraft descended through the minimum altitude... Shouldn't it be the other way around?I recall that on other Boeings, the displays remember the last settings for each mode when you toggle from RADIO to BARO and back again. Is this the same for the NG? (This would probably prevent the RA mins exceeding 2500').In Radio Mins mode, the PMDG 737NG reset button resets the digital readout to 200'(???). Isn't it simply supposed to reset the amber colour of the RA digital readout or, when there is no alert, remove the digital mins display? I believe the reset button also makes the digital mins display appear if there was no display there before... and RADIO is selected on the EFIS CP.In Baro mode, the PMDG 737 reset button, I recall, also sets the Baro mins display to 200'. Shouldn't it simply reset the colour (amber) of the Mins cursor on the altitude tape, the amber colour of the word BARO and the amber colour of the digital Baro mins display back to green? If not amber, the Baro displays should blank (like the Radio mins displays).Do the NG digital Mins increments vary when switching between BARO and RADIO (e.g. 10's or 100's of feet for the BARO... and single feet for the RADIO)? Thanks.Cheers.Ian.P.S. Currently off work, so can't check for myself ;-)

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