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Funny how things repeat...

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To say it clearly: PMDG has my full support. I like the 737NG (and even the older products for Fly!2) as much as anybody else here on this forum.And, I'm as impatient as the others who still cannot download SU2.But it's funny how things repeat, the story of FS addon producing companies is a continuous line of disastrous events and upset customers.It is not the first time in history that some addon causes such big frustration. And it won't be the last time this happens.What puzzles me most is the fact that some more or less easily avoidable situations still occur - so as if all preceding catastrophic events others already did never existed. No one seems to learn from the past, not even PMDG.The current download problem is a result of miscalculated bandwith ratios. If bandwith is limited, there are other ways to distribute files.At the moment, the PMDG server is flooded (maybe it crashes regularily) and the major part of existing customers is frustrated, let alone new customers who cannot even download the old version.So, PMDG has troubles keeping the systems alive, I guess many of them are busy right now. And we, the customers, give up for now, but a bitter taste remains.No one is happy about the situation, moaning doesn't help in any way. I can only hope that PMDG recognizes the seriosity and takes appropriate steps.We're all impatient people when it comes to things of our interest. No one likes to wait, that's a simple fact. Only customers who can download SU2 right now are happy customers. Anyone would face a crisis if his/her xDSL line would fail. So, any serious PMDG simmer who cannot get SU2 right now is about to kill him/herself.AndreasP.S.:It's great that so many quality FS add-ons exist. And it's great that people like PMDG exist. But frustration vanishes the joy of flight simming to a certain degree.Take the SSW A310, for instance: eagerly awaited, the final patch was released months after the first announcement. For me, a big part of the attraction of the product got lost by that action. I own the SSW A310, but it's not the same as it was the day I purchased it. The joy is not the same anymore. And I fear that, for me personally, the same could happen to the PMDG 737NG as well. I'm forced to wait, but I'm not the one who causes this wait. So, I'm turning towards other things. My expectations and exitement are killed almost completely. And when I then finally are able to download, it's no big deal anymore: dozens of other lucky guys would have posted their experiences with the SU2 in this forum, the SU2 that I havent't had at that time. That would have increased the level of frustration even more.But that's my personal opinion. I'm 35, so I probably have another view of things. I know that in the end, I will get SU2 (if I don't die before). But since I'm not that young anymore, and I've already seen many things in my life, it's sometimes hard to get me exited. I had them all, FS2, 3, 4, 5, etc. until FS9, PS1, X-Plane etc. etc., so I put all my hope now in the 737NG...Keep the blue side up. And, thank you, PMDG, so far for what I already have. Keep the things coming, guys!Don't take this too serious. It was mainly to blow off some of my frustration....Andreas

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