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Test flying SU2

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Guys, I've been flying the SU2 for a few weeks now and I'm VERY impressed with all it has done. In my personal opinion it has turned the potential winner PMDG737NG was right after its first release into a true winner and I'm very excited to think about the things that are still in store for us with the 800/900 and BBJ upgrades.Nevertheless, there are still a few things I noticed about SU2 that I hope will be fixed in one of those two upgrades. So as not to give a wrong impression I would like to stress that for me these are MINOR issues. The level of detail of the sim is so great that there are bound to be a few and I certainly don't want to complain or anything. Also, they are based on my knowledge of the NG, I'm of course willing to stand corrected where needed!- Cold and dark: the probe heat switches should be off and the spar and eng valve lights should be illuminated dim (they do work AFTER a flight).- Cruise altitude setting on the pressurisation panel: you can't hold the key, or at least there's no sense in doing so :-)- RMI needles: point to an ILS in the sim, which I think they shouldn't.- After switching the BARO setting to STD the previous QNH will still be visible in white. In the real thing it will disappear and only reappear when you turn the knob to set the arrival QNH.- System annunciator panel: The off schedule descent light will not illuminate the panel in the sim. Also, when on recall some element of the panel illuminates, the master caution light should illuminate as well. And finally, in the real thing some situations, such as one fuel pump pressure light, will only illuminate the panel on recall.- During approach there is no indication on the speed tape of the next higher flap setting maneuver speed.- The GYRO failure flag for the standby horizon shows YRO when electrical power is on.- An altitude constraint can't be deleted from the DES page in the sim, only from the LEGS page.- DH: on descent, the yellow ground sign is not stationary on the altitude tape (when it first appears it is about 100 feet too high and it will slowly descend to its proper place), the DA line will turn from green to yellow when passing through and the radio alt won't flash when below DH.- The ILS localizer deviation scale has no expanded mode (and is therefore also missing its self test for the deviation alerting system at 1,500 feet)- I notice, especially with flaps 5 on approach, that when the red bricks disappear at the top of the speed tape, the yellow line will disappear along with it. I think it shouldn't.Mind you, I do realize there are limitations to what can be done in MSFS and that some things might not be worth the bother, so I do not expect every little detail to be tailored to my wishes. I just hope you (PMDG) don't mind my bringing them to your attention.Leo Bakker

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