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Default fuel quantity

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Guest technobie

Hi everyone,In trying to sort out some of my 800/900 issues, I removed (completely) and reinstalled the aircraft. I noticed before I did this that when changing the fuel quantity in FS9, it only had 1200 pounds in the wings and 4200 in the center. This seems such a small amount...and I'm already over my weight limit. Well, once I completely removed and reinstalled...I checked the aircraft.cfg on all three new models and found this still to be the case. FYI...I hadn't started FS9 yet, but had rebooted.But that's not it...I decided to check my 600/700 series and low and behold, those fuel settings have been changed too! Here is what it looks like:From the 800 cfg;[fuel]Center1= -58.945, 0.000, -2.800, 4299.000, 0.000LeftMain= -66.395, -16.000, -0.800, 1288.000, 0.000RightMain=-66.395, 16.000, -0.800, 1288.000, 0.000fuel_type=2.000000number_of_tank_selectors=1electric_pump=1This seems so weird to me...any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Chris Driveretherspeed@sbcglobal.netKBDL (Previously KSFO)http://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/ng_driver.jpgIBM IntelliStation PIII 9331gig RamATI Radeon 9500 1282 UltraSCSI 18gig 10k HD's21" SGI Flatscreen monitor

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