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Guest schmidtrock

Memorial Flight on Saturday

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Guest schmidtrock

In case any of you missed this tucked away in VA news, I wanted to bring it forward. I hope Gary/AVA won't mind as he gave me permission to repost on the Carnival site. This a grand and fitting memorial for our community to a great man.As a tribute to a President that many would argue was among the best in United States history, American Virtual Airlines (AvA) is sponsoring a flight from the airport named for President Ronald Reagan to Los Angeles International Airport. The flight will be conducted the day after he is laid to rest in his home state of California. This is a non-partisan, non-political event meant to honor a man who became only one of 43 men in the history of the Untied States to hold the Office of President. This flight will kick off at Noon EDT on Saturday June 12th. Please keep in mind that there is a limitation of aircraft type for this event, as Washington Ronald Reagan National (KDCA) can only accommodate the Boeing 757 or smaller. Please do not try to use the 767, 747, 777, or the larger Airbus models. The MD80 series, MD90 series and Boeing 737NG series aircraft should all have the legs for this flight. The route of flight for this trip will be KDCA LDN J134 BUM J110 RSK J64 CIVET (CIVET4/MITTS1) KLAX. The AvA Events page (www.joinava.org/Events/Events.htm) includes links to the typical flight plan files, a Navigation Log, Charts, and a link to pre-file your flight plan with VATSIM. Please note that there are two different arrivals, depending upon which side of LAX you wish to land on. The CIVET4 arrival is for landing on the South side on Runway 25L, while those wanting to land on the North Side via Runway 24R should use the MITTS1 Arrival. Upon arrival at LAX, please consider refueling and continuing on to Hawaii, as the Honolulu ARTCC will be holding an event and pilots can expect a great deal of ATC Available for some Island Hopping!Respectfully,Gary PricePublic Relations ManagerAmerican Virtual Airlineswww.joinava.org

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