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B1900D Weight And Balance

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Been a while since I posted...came back because of the AMAZING B1900D you guys did. I did a quick search for comments on this issue and only found a couple comments, none reporting any problems, but I wonder...has anybody else had problems getting the nose to unstick when the bird is at or near MTOW? I've had to resort to full nose-up trim and it STILL doesn't want to rotate less than ten or fifteen knots over V2. The POH says that you should trim NOSE DOWN for heavier weights. Also, landings were a bear because the bird just seemed to want to be a lawn dart.So...I looked into it, and I'm still playing with it. My most recent attempt makes the mains compress so that it looks right on the ramp, and though my takeoff was less than perfect (my fault, forgot to trim), my landing was an absolute greaser...without question the best landing I've ever made in the sim. Makes a nice "chirp" sound, by the way.Another nice part is that I can do the math for weight and balance by the book and it seems to work.Anybody else experience problems with the stock config being nose heavy? Once I've flown this a few dozen times with CG shifted across the range, I'll be happy to post the edits to that part of the config, assuming I have PMDG's permission, of course.Kurt KalbfleischKSAN

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