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  1. The P3D versions of PMDG aircraft are entirely different products, so you can't carry them over from FSX. PMDG recommends P3Dv4.4 at least. FSDT's GSX carries over nicely. All I had to do was run the installer again, selecting P3Dv4, and it found my FSX license and activated for P3Dv4 on its own. I don't own Orbx Global, but their airports were easy to move with the Orbx FTX Central tool. I can't speak to the rest.
  2. Quite right, and I spoke out of turn. I made the mistake of trying to give an answer beyond a simple, "asked and answered many times," and I apologize for not thinking it through completely before submitting my reply. That said, having spoken with the lead programmer directly on the issue of adding either radar or satellite weather display (both of which are options on the real G1000), the real answer is that, given the processor load required to run what's already there, adding a weather display to the current Flight1 G1000 would be too big a performance hit. Again, I apologize for having offered an inaccurate explanation.
  3. Sorry guys, we're still in development and testing for the P3Dv4-compatible version of the Flight1 Super King Air B200. No release date yet.
  4. Shez, Here you go: http://www.theskylounge.tv/topic/5106-the-ultimate-p3d-v4-add-on-update-compatibility-list/
  5. Treetops, Off hand, I can't think of one. ILS CAT III requires multiple autopilots, multiple ILS receivers, autothrottles, aircrew certification, and individual aircraft certification...all of which would be cost-prohibitive for most GA owners. There's special ground equipment, as well, so most municipal airports wouldn't be able to afford it, either. Without shared cockpit or an AI crew program (such as FS2Crew or MCE), you really can't realistically simulate flying a CAT II approach, even if the airplane you're flying is capable of it because you need to certified pilots. If you're interested in flying CAT III approaches, why not make the jump to something like that PMDG 737NGX with FS2Crew?
  6. I'm not, but then, I still remember all the complaints Henning got about the torque meters not working in the Aeroworx King Air. The problem was that they didn't switch on the inverters. (That gripe even ended up in the AVSIM review of the plane!)
  7. Michael, that would be 2.59 hours, or approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes.
  8. Has it occurred to anybody else how completely realistic it is that there are so many variations on how to get the engines started? What works for Dan Downs doesn't necessarily work for Chris Brand or Dave Robertson, and different techniques have evolved organically. I'm already looking for signs that each of the four engines on my 6 has a different start technique that works best -- Yesterday, I used the PMDG checklist for 3, 4, and 2, with no problems, but 1 took three tries. It finally started when I waited a second longer to switch on the boost pump (missed the click spot and had to try again). I wonder how my start technique will change as the engines get more time on them. This thing is brilliant.
  9. I feel the same way. Simply starting that first engine felt like an accomplishment. The cockpit detail is excellent, and there's so much to keep an eye on. I'm a fan of the AFE...I definitely like the feeling that there's a crew present with me as I fly that big ol' girl. Just fine tuning all the camera views I've set up in the cockpit is going to take a while. Meanwhile, the learning continues! Back to old-school navigation!
  10. Dirk, I checked it with mine and cycling outside views works fine. Within your CP, on the presets list, right click one of your outside camera settings and select Advanced Settings. Ensure you don't have "skip when cycling presets" selected for your outside views.
  11. Hmmm. I can't think of any reason why that would be limited to the 6, but I'll test it and see. Have you asked on the CP support forum?
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