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  1. I did that flying solo in a C152. Departing out of the old Glenview Naval Air Station behind a USMC C-130, the tower had me wait for any wake turbulence and cleared me to take off. On climbout, I started getting hammered...I had one of those old Sporty's folding kneeboards that didn't strap on and at one point, I grabbed it out of the air and jammed it into the passenger seat pocket. I returned to the pattern and landed, and as required by the Navy Flying Club, went to the weather shack to make my PIREP. The weatherguesser shrugged and said, "Yeah, the guy departing before you reported heavy chop on their way out." Me: "And what was he flying?" Her: "A C-130." Me: "And what was I flying?" Her: "A Cessna 152?" Me: Her: Me: "And did he make the call on UHF?" Her: "Yeah." Me: "How would I have heard it?" Her: Me: Her: "I guess I should have relayed it on VHF."
  2. Restart the XBox Companion app and log in there. This has now happened to me twice.
  3. I had MSFS 1.14.5 running this morning. I closed it to make a change to a livery in the Community folder and it no longer starts. It gets to the screen showing the 300 Extra (2 Landing Challenges) and the Bonanza (1 Iconic Flight) and stops with the progress bar at about 80%. The Event Viewer (Windows Logs > Security) shows a number of audit failures indicating a firewall issue ("Windows Firewall was unable to notify the user that it blocked an application from accepting incoming connections on the network.") The process indicated is LSASS.exe. If I disable the private network firewall, the audit failures don't occur, but MSFS still doesn't start. Has anyone seen anything like this?
  4. Carl, I had a similar issue with the Seminole. I deleted the PA44 folder from the OneStore folder, then was able to re-download via the Content Manager. That solved my HSI issue along with all the other things on the fix list. It looks to me like there's an issue with the updated not properly overwriting the files on the hard drive. Aand it looks like that answer has already been given. Sorry for the dupe!
  5. FLC sets your climb airspeed. VS sets your rate of climb feet per minute. MSFS seems to be slow to respond to FLC, so it tends to hunt for the airspeed. Best to make or change the setting slowly when you're in the air, and when enabling, it's best to be fairly close to your desired airspeed.
  6. Has anybody else noticed that the G1000 fuel gauge and the Hobbs aren't working? The fuel gauge in other G1000 aircraft works, just not in this one.
  7. I haven't flown the Baron yet, but I'm fairly sure it uses the same layout as the Bonanza. If so, there's an ALT knob in the lower left corner of the right G1000 display's bezel (the MFD).
  8. Just guessing because I haven't flown the Longitude yet, but did you adjust pitch trim? You might need some nose up trim and if you're starting from cold and dark, the trim might be zeroed.
  9. I made my first flight with the cargo variant using FS2Crew, SOP1. I found that there were a couple places where the FA audio still runs, most notably during the taxi in after landing. The FO also asks about releasing the cabin and a while after I said "no" to that, he asks again about setting the seatbelt switch to auto.
  10. It's on offer for $5 off because the delay in delivery pushed release outside of the birthday sale. Enjoy!
  11. The P3D versions of PMDG aircraft are entirely different products, so you can't carry them over from FSX. PMDG recommends P3Dv4.4 at least. FSDT's GSX carries over nicely. All I had to do was run the installer again, selecting P3Dv4, and it found my FSX license and activated for P3Dv4 on its own. I don't own Orbx Global, but their airports were easy to move with the Orbx FTX Central tool. I can't speak to the rest.
  12. Quite right, and I spoke out of turn. I made the mistake of trying to give an answer beyond a simple, "asked and answered many times," and I apologize for not thinking it through completely before submitting my reply. That said, having spoken with the lead programmer directly on the issue of adding either radar or satellite weather display (both of which are options on the real G1000), the real answer is that, given the processor load required to run what's already there, adding a weather display to the current Flight1 G1000 would be too big a performance hit. Again, I apologize for having offered an inaccurate explanation.
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