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Guest Suxan

I have problems loading/flying the PMDG

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Guest Suxan

Hi,I have (since I made my computer new and bought a new TFT screen) a problem with my PMDG that makes it impossible to fly the PMDG.First of all: When I select the PMDG in the start window of the flight simulator, it takes now 2-3 minutes until the AIRAC file starts loading. When I am flying it takes now some time until the side windows are loaded. When I attempt to see the ouside view, it takes minutes until the aircraft is loaded. A minute is okay but when I fly online at IVAO it might be a bigger problem, if the PMDG is loading longer than a minute (the PMDG is suddently doing this). I have to add, that the computer isn't really crashing. It is doing "nothing" so that I never get an error message except once (device error).Before reinstalling windows and the flightsim everything worked more or less perfectly.I have to add that I am now using a new screen. I changed it from a Samtron 51s to an Samsung Syncmaster 172x. Is this maybe the reason why the PMDG is now lacking all the time?So, does anyone have an idea why the PMDG is suddently so slow?My system:AMD Athlon 2600+1024 MB DDR RAMGeforce 5900 Tdh Ultra MyVivo running 1280*1024Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH

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