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Alaska Airlines

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Guest Alaska91

For those of you that want a Alaska Airlines 737-700Wl I have a solution for you. I downloaded the 737-800WL Alaska Airlines off of Avsim. Took the Alaska textures from the regular 737-700 folder and put them into the 737-700WL folder. Then I went into the 737-800WL texture folder that I downloaded off of avsim took the PMDG_Wing_T and the PMDG_WingL_T and put them into the 737-700WL folder where my Alaska Airlines textures are and replaced them then added this to my Aircraft CFG and I had my airplane. Hope this helps and hopefully I explained it well enough. Tony S.[fltsim.xx]title=B737-700 Alaska Airlines - wingletssim=B737-700WLmodel=WLpanel=sound=texture=ASchecklists=PMDG737NG_CHECKatc_id_color=0xffffffffatc_id=N611ASatc_airline=Alaskaatc_flight_number=737ui_manufacturer=Boeing-PMDGui_type=737-700 - 2D Cockpit Onlyui_variation=Alaska Airlines w/wingletsdescription=Boeing 737-700 with CFM56-7B22 engines v 1.2nPrecision Manuals Development Groupnwww.precisionmanuals.com nFor use with BOEING 737: The Next Generation by PMDG nFor Technical Support please visit www.precisionmanuals.comvisual_damage=1atc_heavy=0kb_reference=PMDG737NG_REFines texture is and replaced them.

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