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Guest alexi

PMDG 737 sound

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Guest alexi

Hy all,I still have the same sound problem with my PMDG 737 series!! Every time I go outside (spot view) or I go to the menu of fs9 or I go in "slew" or "pause"...the sound changes!!! I have all updates of PMDG 737 (I have version 1.3 of 737-600/700 and version 1.1 of 737-800/900) so I have every update, so it's not due to an older version of the 737! What I mean is everytime the sound of the cockpit (and also outside) has to stop due to an action (gooing to the menu, going to windows desktop, press pause or going in "slew"...) it changes to a very irritating sound!! Just like there are turboprops! So you hear the Engines and the wind but in the Engine sound, there is a truboprop sound!! And I get this only when the Engines are on (so when the Engine sounds are working) If I shut down the engines and I go to the menu or in spot view the sound doesn't change, so it has to do something with the engine wav files! Is this a problem of PMDG? Or is it my computer, my soundcard? Because I don't have this with the aircrafts of fs9...My soundcard is an onboard soundcard of my motherboard: ASUS P4S800. I just did an update of the soundmax digital Audio drivers, but still... Could somebody help me please?It could be that I asked this question some time ago, but I still don't have any solution!!Thanks, greetzAlex

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