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  1. I don't care if the systems are not yet fully added. This sim is light-years ahead of any other flight simulator in terms of performance that it just doesn't matter for me. Nothing 'feels' as fluid as a sim that runs smoothly. Trust me, the moment you load this thing in game you'll see what I'm talking about. Quality addons from a2a simulations and PMDG would be incredible. But taking a glider along the Alps beats anything flight wise I've ever experienced in a desktop sim. I 'feel' like I'm flying something no other sim ever did for me.
  2. Happy b-day and thank's for the many awesome memories. Your time has past and it's time for others to take your crown. So rest peacefully.
  3. I see sims such as AeroFly 2 becoming the top dog in this arena. With such fluid graphics that run on practically any machine, it's hard to go back to the slide show MSFS plus serious addons deliver. Sure we can argue 'realism' but I believe it's well on it's way to taking the next steps. Can you imagine PMDG aircraft in AeroFly 2? I can.
  4. Here's a very old post of mine concerning this ;-)http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=136&topic_id=12455&mesg_id=12455&listing_type=searchBest,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  5. NICE :-)Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  6. Don't count on some procedures unless they are correct for the way you are flying departure. If you need to cross XXX at a certain alt then simply hand fly it - after passing XXX - move up the next wpt in line (DIR TO). Some deps have you at a hdg until you input where you tell it where you want to go next. Most likely for clearance.. Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  7. Try re-installing the liveries. Make sure they are being installed to the correct location...Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  8. Also, i just wanted to make sure: is it normal that once on vnav mode, the plane shoots up at a rate arounf 4000 and more In some cases yes it is. Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  9. crvm


    >Mark and Romanman...>>It seems to be working. i quickly tried it, so thanks for the>hints. However, somethign weird did happen... Around 3 or 4 Nm>from touchdown, approach mode did swop to VOr lock mode>whereas the plane was smoothly flying the glide slope by>itself... (i followed your advices, 180 knots till the outer>marker etc...) Eventually, as Romanman said, it might have>been cos' the plane was flying a bit under the slope... But by>poressing approach again and both autopilot buttons, it took>control of it again... anyway... i'll need mopre practice with>this...>>By the way, once in Approach/ils mode, the light on the>autopilot button goes off... Is it normal? Anyways, doesn't>matter all that much...>>Thanks for the help...>>Cheers>>MAt Yes it is normal for the light to go out. It means that you can no longer disconnect APP MODE by pushing the button. Don't use the MCP lights for ref for mode engagements - look at the FMA on the PFD. Prior to the light going out G/S will be ARMed - again look at the annunication on the PFD - G/S will be WHITE then turn to GREEN once capture is established.Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  10. How exactly are you disengaging APP MODE? You cannot simply turn off the A/P. You also need to -1] Retune the NAVS2] Turn of A/P and F/Ds3] Push TOGA (this of course only for a GO-AROUND) Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  11. You could always post a screenie with the current LEGS page showing the mentioned WPTS on the CDU. There is also a deviation scale icon on the NAVigation display that will show your vertical position in relation to any vertical path deviation. When you say that it never descends - what are you seeing that brings you to this conclusion? Do you actually pass the wpts in question before you start the manual dive or are you making a judgement based upon something else?Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  12. You can but not at crz, this is how it really works in RL too.Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
  13. >>I'm not sure of the particular function you're in while>>trying to accomplish this, but I'll offer my insight anyway.>>>>I'm not sure what the story is when on the LEGS page,>*before*>>you EXECute the full flight plan, but I know it is possible>to>>enter the restraints after EXECution.>>>>To do this, I always enter the information in the form>>SSS/AAAAA, where 'S' is speed and 'A' is altitude.>>>>If I knew exactly what flight conditions were present and>what>>you were doing at the time (park, climb, descent, etc), I>>could probably help you better.>>>>You can also probably remedy this by looking in the Manual.>>Restraints programming is explained in on page 26 of Chapter>>12, which is the FMC Users Guide.>>>>That's your best bet. If that doesn't work, post what phase>>of flight plan entry or flight you are in.>>>>Kyle>>Thanks. Ive been flying this aircraft for a while but left to>it alone to go and learn the a340 airbus. A different way of>thinking for sure. So when I came back I actually had to>relearn a few things. I was in crz when this happened. Maybe I>forgot to execute, but my flight plan was active . I will try>again. I had this working perfectly before so perhaps I just>screwed it up>Thanks>>Peter>>> You cannot modify it while in CRZ MODE. You must use SPD INTERVENTION.Best,Randy J. Smith<<>>
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