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  1. ok! thank you for everything Andrew!!
  2. ok will do, but How can I do to save my profiles then?
  3. I don't understand, I have purchased the last version of fsuipc 2weeks ago! Current Status: Completed - PETE DOWSON - FSUIPC5 FOR P3DV4 - Quantity: 1 x EUR 29.99 Or is it LINDA version wich is not up to date?
  4. [MAIN] LINDA Version Ver initialising please do not cut and paste logs into the forum
  5. Hello Andrew, functions are effectively assigned to the knobs in the mcp page , even with add-on aircraft like PMDGs. But MCP itself when I load the NGX recognizes it and and the mcp screen is correct. But it's frozen nothing happens when you press a knob on the mcp. But in P3d when you change the altitude for example it changes the value in the mcp. In the mcp linda page pushing a knob on the mcp doesn't show the yellow knob int the mcp page.. here is the linda2 file:
  6. Hello, I am trying to configure the MCP2 boeing In LINDA with p3d, I have enabled the MCP combo setting, and tried every COM port. It looks like the 3 enables the mcp to work correctly but When I launch an aircraft, changing the settings in the sim affects the mcp but changing the settings in the mcp do not change them in the sim.. Any idea please? thanks
  7. niokilt


    Hello scot, actually I had some issues when installing this version, an error message was appearing forcing me to shutdown everything. So i reinstalled the old version containing all the previous modules, this version is working fine. I did not have the time to check on the furum to fix my problem. At the moment I use LINDA mainly for the NGX, it is such an easy and nice tool!! but what can I do if want to add a module, for example the new PMDG 747 v3? Because I know that there is one in beta but I don't find it. Thank you
  8. niokilt


    Hi, I have downloaded the latest version Of linda, and I really don't understand, after installed it, on the Linda main menu all aircrafts disappeared. So I went back to the installation file and noticed that the only module was the default FSX. so where are all the others? why in the installation files there are no aircraft modules except the defeault fsx? thank you for your answer. Nic
  9. Hi my version is 2.13 and there is only 1 profile corresponding to FS which is called Flight simulator 2000! no FSX at all!
  10. niokilt

    trim problems

    ok my feedback. In think that you were right about the hardware. I use a joystick for the tiller. there were indeed some other assignements to the trim like you said and removed everithing so that the only connection is on the yoke. So of course I noticed the change, but strangely, it stills behaves sometimes like it is working on its own, especially when reaching altitudes or capturing the glide... honestly i guess it is a lack of knowledge on the FBW system. I need to read deeply the manual and watch some you tube videos. because obviously, it is a different aircraft to fly.. and I don't find it confortable as when I fly the NGX. I found that on the fms options you can set on the speed tab the FBW bug and I noticed that when putting this bug over the speed you re flying it sounds easier.. but i don't know why.. so I need to know ore about this.
  11. niokilt

    trim problems

    ok I understand, I am going to check that and I will comme back to you! thanks
  12. niokilt

    trim problems

    Hi thanks for the comment, No I didn't try to remove the hardware during the flight, the thing is: it doesn't do that with every of my add-ons... otherwise, it is true that normal buttons of my yoke are assigned to the trim and it does control the trim of the aircraft,( which i can see moving on the 777 yoke) but that sounds normal doesnt it?
  13. niokilt

    trim problems

    hi, i have read some topics about trims problems but i didn't find one relating mine. i have just started a flight with the 777, everithing is fine and configured as it should, espacially the trim. couple of seconds after rotation, the aircraft pithes down, alone. I mean without any controls input...., ok, i look down the trim is moving down itself without command.auto trim, yes ok but not possible that way.... Ok i stabilize the aircraft, perfect stabilzed cruise flight at low altitude, suddenly its starts again, pitches down or up (it goes on a way or the other) without any input from me. It sounds like a bug, the aircraft is impssible to fly... please help!
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