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  1. So has anyone (the developer of this program) actually sovled this issue by having the software cleared by the major AV companies (eg. Windows Defender)? I can't even download the package without it being immediately deleted so can't do anything like creating exceptions. And before you ask... NO, I will not disable my AV and then download something from the internet.
  2. I just get a cloudflare page today. Same with www.aussiex.org
  3. Ah right yeah sorry, It was probably 3 years ago that I followed it.
  4. Hi Rod, Yes I have tried that. The only thing that works for me for sure is to completely disable the controllers in the menus. To mynetdude This is a pretty thorough tutorial that can be adapted to suit just about any controller. http://www.tropicairvirtual.com/company/misc/utility/tutorial/fsuipc-guide-v1.pdf Greg
  5. This works for me however FSX randomly re-enables my controllers in the menu. I have to include a check of the Enable Controller checkbox as part of my preflight. Does anyone have a method to disable the damn controller for good?
  6. Hi Guys, I can confirm that it appears it has fixed it for me. The key I think is to have the controller enabled when you set up FSUIPC, then disable it in FSX after. Then restart FSX and ensure the disabled controller setting has stuck. The first time I did it, the controller was enabled again when I went back into FSX so the problem still existed. Does anyone remember the line in FSX.cfg to ensure it's disabled. Running in WIndows 7 compatibility mode was not the fix for me and for users of FS2Crew this is not recommended. Trevah, can you confirm if the problem returns if you don't run in Win7 Compat mode, now that you have set up controller in FSUIPC?
  7. Hehe.... This always brings my controller back for a while. PS: Setting up through FSUIPC and disabling the joystick did not work for me. It was going fine for a while but upon entering the FSUPIC interface to check something, BANG.... no controller.
  8. In my experience it doesn't. As soon as the controller drops out in FSX, if I go into FSUIPC there are no axes or buttons detected in there either. D8input.dll from Win7 doesn't work. This still only happens when I use the NGX (I only have the NGX and RealAir Duke on the Win8 install) If I start FSX, load the NGX and walk away for half an hour and come back, the controller still works. If I interact with the sim(performing preflight flows, loading other apps such as FSInn and ASE) it lasts 5-10min before it's useless. I have not been able to establish a pattern with any combination of software running (eg. No FSInn, no ASE etc.) EZCA does report crashes in the Windows Event Viewer but I do not believe they are related to this problem. I have posted on Flight1 forums about this. I was able to fly under these conditions without issue in November but now I cannot.
  9. I don't use IE10 however I usually have Chrome running...... Yet another thing to test I guess. FWIW On my Win7 install (which Windows Update is still installing updates every time I reboot) my controllers are rock solid. If they drop, I will check recently installed updates in an attempt to nail which one it could be. Reading back through the posts on page 3 I found this VERY interesting... I find this interesting because I originally went to Windows 8 on November 1st and completed several flights without issue. This issue popped up only a few weeks ago and sometime before that I installed PlanetSide2 which to overcome some problems, recommended I replace the DINPUT8.DLL file somewhere. I'm in the middle of a 4 hour flight atm (under Win7) but will check this possibility and report back when I can reboot into Win8.
  10. Yep, I've now got a dual boot running. I use Win7 when ever I want to fly NGX or a similarly complex aircraft and for GA flying I use Win8. Have tried all the tricks from everywhere. Only once have I been able to get my controllers back after I lose them. I have no idea how they came back and I can't seem to reproduce it. My theory is it's a DirectX/Win8/USB driver issue and god knows when it'll be fixed for certain. Has anyone had this issue with P3D?
  11. HI All, I have the disappearing Joystick problem too. FSX SP2 (no acceleration) Win8 Pro 64bit Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, Pedals and extra quadrant. I am noticing that the problem occurs with the PMDG NGX (during preflight) and I have been unable to get it back with all the suggestions above. My control axes don't work in FSUIPC when this happens either, so doing full calibration there is useless. I DO NOT have the problem with the Real Air Duke, I am able to fly around for hours in this aircraft with no issues. I have noticed during a recent re-install that the PMDG NGX installer does something with Direct X (it installs something) which interests me. But other than that I have nothing to add. Regards Greg
  12. Been closed for almost a month now. Would be nice to get an update on this, or at least if they could make the products available through a third party sim store site.
  13. Hi,Thanks for all the replies....The problem is you have all lost me.Ok, I have a copy of SBuilder, but I don't know what bgl file to work with and how. I guess I'll just have to give up for now and wait til I have more time and patience to tackle the problem, learning AFCAD was hard enough. It's a shame cos the default FS scenery for this airport is severly lacking.Many ThanksBarbs
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