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  1. PMDG crew - well done, and thank you for the new toy. I will be adding it to my collection shortly. One comment though (and I’m not being sarcastic) - only $70? Really? I was ready to fork over 2x that. That came as a positive surprise.
  2. Oh, bugs are fact of life. Even the original "Hello World", as printed in K&R's first edition had one ;-). That said - one more. On the ground, FO seems to not want to set com radio frequencies. At the same time, they're more than happy to swap them when asked.
  3. So, after a few flights, I noticed a few quirks, and quick read of the forum seems to indicate some of these are known, and will be addressed. Others, I have not seen. FO does not react to "set seatbelts signs [on / off]", or any variation thereof. FO does not react to "turn strobes [on / off]", or any variation thereof. Something around setting the altimeters on the descent logic seems to be "off". Reading the tutorial, and trying to set the altimeters early, yields no action from FO. I still can't quite put my finger on this. During secure checklist, at IRS step, FO repeats "OFF OFF" twice very fast, but misses saying "Emergency Exit Lights". It could be the sound file is missing/is corrupt/misnamed (US voice set). This is true in all three FS2Crews I have (737, 777, 747): there seems to be a problem recognizing "v ref", or "v reference" in descent checklist. I even tried a native speaker (in a case it was my accent) say it, to no avail. For some, yet unknown reason, FO seems to always switch the altimeter from inches to hectopascals (in the US). Now, regarding female FOs. First off - awesome! Thank you for including them. But... (Everything before the "but" should be discarded - Tywin Lannister) I am a little disappointed how "flirty" they seem to be. I work with professional engineers, some of whom are women, and if they talked like these FOs, I'd be very uncomfortable. It may be a matter of opinion, of course. On a related note, please consider using a more gender-neutral "they / them", instead of "he / him" in the documentation :-).
  4. Purchased last night, hoping to fly it today. I am also delighted to see the female FOs. Outstanding.
  5. Your best course of action is to willfully suppress the memory of ever seeing that box. Once you see it, you can never unsee it, and it's annoying. I seem to remember Kyle mention it had something to do with the lights, but I could be misremembering. It serves no practical user-visible purpose whatsoever.
  6. I would suggest filing a ticket with PMDG, as it may be something specific to your installation. I have been happily flying the 700WL for the past few days.
  7. [full snark mode=on] It's also mentioned in the Intro manuals for all their products. [full snark mode=off]
  8. Autostart is an option on the airplane that assists with the engine start. There is a different start procedure for autostart, and non-autostart equipped aircraft. You can see PMDG Aircraft options to see what you have.
  9. While what you are saying makes some sense, but there are bugs, and... there are bugs. Generally speaking, you could categorize identified and confirmed bugs into two very general categories: Bugs that have a reasonable workaround Bugs that do not have a reasonable workaround In this case, we are dealing with the bug that fits into category #2. It is known, and there is a reasonable workaround. If you can't find it in the forest that the forum is, please let me know, I will point you to the exact message. Again speaking very generally, bugs in that #2 category, are usually not a very high priority bugs, and are sometimes, sadly, relegated to a "best effort" fix. I.e. they'll get fixed when somoene finds time to do it. Until then, just use the available and reasonable, workaround.
  10. Any time. Also, please try to ignore smartassery in the forum. Folks are rather mean to newcomers here for some reason. I suppose they were all born knowing everything about aviation.
  11. OK, so. In very short words. Also, I am going to lie to you, but it's for your benefit. As you learn more, you will realize how wrong what I wrote below is, but that's OK. The speed you are seeing on the PFD (left screen) is something called indicated airspeed (IAS; or knots indicated airspeed: KIAS). While we call it speed, it actually measures differential pressure between static input (a hole on the side of airplane), and dynamic pressure (a hole in front which sucks up air as the plane is moving forward). What this differential pressure shows is dependent on the density of the surrounding air. As you probably know, there is more air closer to the ground you are. As you go higher, there is fewer air, therefore the amount of pressure that air can exert is lesser. This is why you are seeing "low speed". What you are *really* seeing is "low pressure". So, this is why we have things like TAS (true airspeed; which is important, but you "don't care" about it), or the indicated speed adjusted for pressure and temperature. The speed the aircraft is moving when compared to the ground is called "ground speed", or GS. You can see it indicated in the upper left corner of your second screen from the left. This speed is the combination of TAS and wind, and is the speed you seem to care about. As you learn more, you will realize that it's really just CAS (calibrated airspeed) you care about, but that gets even more complicated ;-). Oh, and one more thing. Please note that this is PMDG support forum. Their rules require you to sign all messages with your full name. Please, do that. Thanks!
  12. 280 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS)? What's your groundspeed (GS)?
  13. We've had a few discussions on this topic in the past few months. I am not sure if anyone actually filed a ticket about it. Kyle - is this on your radar, or one of us needs to bother to file a ticket? :-)
  14. I noticed in the NGX on P3Dv4 that "no matter what" I do, I can't seem to be able to save the empty load as the default payload for the aircraft. I tried "Set Empty", and setting 0 to all load stations, both followed by saving the panel state, and using that as a default startup. Aircraft always seems to load with some non-zero default. Is this expected behavior?
  15. Uhm, I am not aware what airway MSAs are. I know of MEA, MCA, MOCA, MRA, OROCA. I've seen all of these on low altitude charts, and am still a little confused as to which one you seem to be missing.
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