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  1. This might be worth a read ! http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2642864 Fred.
  2. It says that I have 730 hours left to collect it. (a little bug I would think !) Just a heads up. Fred.
  3. Luis ! I got the full colour model on ebay. I just threw this sketch together while I was having a cup of tea. (getting those mouse crosshairs was very tricky.) :LMAO: :LMAO: :Just Kidding:
  4. Only if you have Luis's talent and god is on your side Larry ! Fred.
  5. Sorry for deliberately crashing over 700 times into buildings, bridges, terminals, etc........... But I really want that "Master Of Destruction" award for 1000 crashes. Fred.
  6. A screenshot or two maybe !Fred.
  7. The INDEX prompt on the takeoff page lets you know that the FMC has been pre-flighted so no worries there.Will it not let you press VNAV before you press TOGA ?Everything checked on the overhead ?Fred.
  8. Are you talking about being on the ground or in the air ?Can you see the INDEX prompt on your takeoff page ?Fred.
  9. Yes !!Just enter your Departure airport again !Fred.
  10. In the first pic you have no autopilot engaged. ??? In the second pic CWS P is the pitch mode.You are climbing in to a stall !!! Are you flying the plane manually with LNAV and VNAV engaged ? Buffet Alert would be normal in this case.You are about to stall the plane.
  11. The FCOM Vol 2 page 1133 says !!!! "" Bring the airplane back within the operating envelope. "" Is your speed or altitude too high ???
  12. No problem !! If I spot anything about that problem I will PM you. Fred.
  13. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/344257-weekend-update-re-activation-issues/
  14. Why would anyone want to arm speed brakes on takeoff ??? They are only armed for landing. Tred.
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