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  1. Olmo


    Try's held by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and used by USAF.Otherwise try http://www.eurocontrol.int/ais/ under the menu AIS websites.Hope these helps,Olmo Matteo Di CarloCPL/IRLIRF
  2. > In real life ATC will never clear you for a visual approach unless you ask for it, they are not allowed to impose it on you.You are right when talking about ICAO procedures. PANS ATM/501 "Air Traffic Management" 14th edition(former DOC4444) says about visual approaches:"Subject to the conditions in, clearance foran IFR flight to execute a visual approach MAY BE REQUESTED bya flight crew or INITIADED by the controller. In the latter case, theCONCURRENCE of the flight crew shall be REQUIRED. Controllers shall exercise caution in initiating avisual approach when there is reason to believe that the flightcrew concerned is not familiar with the aerodrome and itssurrounding terrain. Controllers should also take into considerationthe prevailing traffic and weather conditions wheninitiating visual approaches. An IFR flight may be cleared to execute a visualapproach provided the pilot can maintain visual reference tothe terrain and:a) the reported ceiling is at or above the approved initialapproach level for the aircraft so cleared; or:( the pilot reports at the initial approach level or at anytime during the instrument approach procedure that themeteorological conditions are such that withreasonable assurance a visual approach and landingcan be completed."So this is how it should work worldwide, but....you should first check DOC7030 "REGIONAL SUPPLEMENTARY PROCEDURES" and national publications like AIP, AIM, etc...to look after differences that every contracting state may have adopted.In the US a lot of things are different vs ICAO procedures; for example fixed transition altitude at 18'000, holding entry procedures, etc...The CONTACT APPROACH procedure doesn't exist among the ICAO rules.The key to success as always is planning: before going to a foreign country a pilot should be aware of the "local" procedures.Cheers,Olmo Matteo Di CarloCPL/IRLIRFPSIf somebody is interesed in all the 18th annexes to Chicago's Convention (DOC7300) they can be freely downloaded at www.atcbox.com
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