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  1. In pmdg liveries, we have just one for Spicejet 737-800 ngx. Which means it will have a constant registration. Is it possible to change the registration making it look like a different aircraft but of the same airline? Also is it possible to do that for the default pmdg 737 ngx's? Fsx default aircrafts allow the user that option and it displays on the fuselage.
  2. I'm going to reply to all your queries. @Fscamp, yes default daedalus is off. @bonchie and @tooting, my schedule is the old one from 2010. The new package came with the 2010. The 2012 I guess is the latest one is $6. There is a more current beta version out there but 2012 should be pretty good.
  3. I purchased UT2 last week. I notice that between 1 and 5 AM generally midnight the traffic is less in the sky at most airports. However, my question is, Why don't I see AI aircrafts parked at the gates at midnight? Every airport I visit is a ghost town say between 12:30 to 5 AM. This doesn't make sense as even if the dep and arr traffic is less, you got to have aircraft parked at the airport gates or remote bays. My settings are Weekly 40% and Daily 25%. Do I need to increase the percentages? Help on resolving this issue would be great. Thanx Sanjay D
  4. Hi Please Can someone do Air India liveries? Thanks Sanjay
  5. Hex, I see that you encountered some issues. Did you resolve them and how? I'm thinking about upgrading to an i7-3770K or i7-3939K desktop cpu for FSX. Thanks, Sanjay
  6. Hello FlashIsisMayia My Laptop Specs are as follows Dell Alienware M17X R3 Win7 Intel Core i7 2820QM(2.3GHz) 3.4GHz with Turbo 17.3" 3D HD Screen 8GBMemory DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M 1.5GB I run the fsx pmdg ngx. I'm encountering too much stutters while taxing, turning, flying low and a frame rate drop to 5-6. Generally I get around 17 to 18 frames. I've tried the different tweaks - Bufferpools, AffinityMask etc including tweaks suggested by Bojote & Word Not Allowed. Nothing seems to work. Almost like it doesn't make any difference to an intel processor 2820qm. I can't overclock the system. Alternatively, If I switch off HT, fsx with pmdg ngx runs even worse. I know that fsx stutters are common but I do see a lot of posts to the contrary. On my system they are just too much. Stutteting is extreme when I'm about 50 feet above the ground for a touchdown and it continues uptill the reverse thrust is disengaged. Low flying, turning and with sparse clouds. It looks like it happens more with buildings and less with aircrafts. Every setting is moderate to less except Scenery Complexity which is very dense. Please could you provide me some direction as to the problem to help me resolve this? Also, it looks like you have a Toshiba Satellite with a 3G processor. How do you run fsx traffic and Scenery Complexity wise? Does the processor make a lot of difference? Is there no alternative but to upgrade the processor? Regards, Sanjay
  7. Hi Do we have painters or texture creators who would like to create the Air India Express textures for PMDG 738? There are three on AVSIM. We would like to have more textures as AIEx has only 738's in their inventory. Moreover, AIE textures are one of the best and the brightest in the industry and it has just not been represented well by PMDG. Are folks out there who would be interested?? Thanx much in advance from me and all PMDG India Pilots. Thanks, Sanjay D
  8. This is one of my problems don't know where the topic actually falls under and thats why I put it under general forums. But Thanx. I'll shift it over to the link
  9. Hi Do we have painters or texture creators who would like to create the Air India Express textures. There are three on AVSIM and 19 for the default FSX a/c. We would like to have more textures as AIEx represents the 738 pretty well. AI's textures are one of the best in the industry. Are there folks out there who would be interested? Thanks, Sanjay D
  10. OK Jeff. I appreciate your help. I can identify the aircraft.cfg file. But when it comes to the fuse files, which ones would it be ... the tail.dds? How do I send the files to you? Is it safe to attach them here in this post?
  11. To All Texture Enthus, Is there an easy way to change the standard N737PM to say VT-LMN on the tail and inside the cockpit? Since PMDG hasn't represented India very well from a textures standpoint, most of our Govt and private commercial airlines having the 737-800 a/c's, and there are so many of us having PMDG, I'm thinking to use the default textures but it doesn't make sense to use a N999XX registration in India. PMDG has spicejet in their textures download. But again the reg is fixed. If it was dynamic, we could have used the same plane and changed the tail registrations to make them look many. All spicejets have the same color-combo just diff registrations. The same logic would hold for Jet Airways too. All commercial a/c's are registered VT-YYY all alphabets no digits in the Indian airspace. Do we have some texture creators out there who would like to create the Air India Express textures. There are three on AVSIM and 19 for the default FSX a/c. We need more India centric for the PMDG a/c. Please an appeal frm all PMDG-India enthus. Thanx, Sanjay/D
  12. Hello All, To answer your suggestions 1-by-1. 1) Ryan you are correct.. and I'm trying to find that "something else" that is causing the stutters. PMDG is brilliant. 2) I did use the Word Not Allowed tweaks from the website. Stutters still present. Skeleton plane still occurs. The tweak has HIGHMEMFIX=1. 3) FSUIPC - I've the inet downloadable version (not the purchased one). I don't save it via fsuipc. I used the " : " option to save flights at reg intervals. 4) I regularly do a disk cleanup and defragment. There is not much on the hard disk so programs run very smooth. It's a new lptp. 6) See above - Shadows are pretty much turned off. I haven't tried flying with reduced AI aircraft's . I could try that. BUT I think this is a software code problem. It's something to do with threading/multi tasking. I say this because when I change the AffinityMask=12, I think I see an improvement in the performance. Don't want to get too excited. Today is Saturday and perfect timing. I'm going to test this further. Thanks, Sanjay Dhareshwar
  13. Hi, Forgive me for my lenghty post. But honestly I'm tired of stutters on PMDG. I run the PMDG 738 NGX on a Dell Alienware i7 2820QM (2.3 gh) , 10 GB RAM, Geforce GTX 460M graphics card. I'm encountering regular interval stutters while taxing, takeoff, landing (1000 ft and below) and during turns. It's like ( smooth ...... smooth ....... smooth goes .... on) and then it stops. Same thing while taxing. While stuttering the frame rate drops to a miserable 5fps. I do not want to overclock the cpu/gpu as it's a laptop and it's never a good option to overclock. In the long run, it's going to mess up the system. I've tried to optimize the fsx.cfg file using ******* Altuve program. But there was no improvement at all. Due to this problem, my sliders are mostly to the left. My setting below. Since I do not have MS-word, I've to type out all settings. Graphics Target frame rate 20 Global texture resolution - very high Anti Aliasing - selected bilinear - selected lens flare - unselected directx 10 preview - unselected adv animations - selected Aircraft High res 3d virtual cockpit - selected aircraft casts shadows on ground - selected aircraft casts shadows on itself - not selected landing lights illuminate grnd - selected. Scenery Radius level - small (With a high value, if I walk, I'll reach faster to my dest ) mesh complexity - 50% mesh res - 38m texture res - 5m water effects - none land detail textures - selected scenery complexity - very dense autogen density - sparse ground scenery shadows - not selected sp. effects - low Weather cloud draw dist - 60mi thermal vis - none detailed clouds - selected - low download winds aloft real world weather - selected Traffic Aircraft traffic density - 85% gen aviation traffic - 25% airport vehicle density - med road vehicles - 22% ships/ferries/boats - 5% With the above bare minimum settings, I get periodic stutters with PMDG. Please help. This is a brand new machine and i assume that this a pretty good configuration. Thanx Sanjay Dhareshwar
  14. Well it finally worked. I increased the traffic to 89% and close to Tashkent, I got an aircraft within the 3nm range and I did hear the **TRAFFIC** warnings. Thanx All. Sanjay Dhareshwar
  15. Hi, The TCAS test passed. FMC default setting for the TA on the ND are as follows :- 3nm range is ON Show All/Filter Filter Range 40nm Alt Seperation 2800ft. But I don't hear any TA/RA sounds in the cockpit. Does the traffic need to be within the 3nm range to hear any sound? what's going on? Could someone suggest a solution OR Is the fuctioning appropriate? Thanx Sanjay Dhareshwar
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