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  1. why is this necessary? no other sim/gaming forum requires this.......strange :Thinking: How does PMDG know it's a real name, we could just put in any name. I find this rule alittle weird :lol: D. Bennett
  2. U Go Girl! Awesome Idea from Tom and Avsim. Bravo on an amazing first Blog.
  3. I don't believe the devs will ever release the advanced version, it's been 2 years now since the Basic Version released. The AirSimmer is exactly like the Aerosoft Extended for fsx, it's good.
  4. it's good but I think the devs skipped town :lol: Flight1 is selling the addon with a 30 day money back guarantee if you want to try it. I loved it and ver: 1.4 was great.
  5. i had the same issues and requested a refund, they gave me the refund pretty quick without any problems.
  6. :Whew: i haven't read that much since school :lol: my eyes hurt now, need 2 rest :LMAO: The AirSimmer Airbus is a beautiful plane 2 fly :good:
  7. mouse works normally in "window mode", i guess you fly in full screen mode. Try "full screen window mode"
  8. Yes Sir, The AirSimmer A320 wins the best FS9 VC award.......it's amazing!
  9. i hope Zinertek releases more HD VC packs for other planes or maybe some Airport Addons identical to FlyTampa or FSDT.
  10. ok i bought it and it's jaw dropping gorgeous compared to the default textures and it's also better than Andre Folkers textures.
  11. :Shocked: sounds good, we are off to Simmarket,lol. We = Me + My credit card http://secure.simmarket.com/zinertek-level-d-767-hd-upgrade.phtml [media=] [/media]
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