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  1. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Fsx+flight+planner
  2. A little nudge on this one, been waiting 3 years! LOL
  3. I would like to request Thomas cook please. Thanks
  4. Thomas Cook ! .... they're the biggest holiday 'suppliers' in the UK. Requested many times before. (without succes) Anyone interested?
  5. Awesome stuff Ricardo Looking forward to flying either of them
  6. +1 for Snoopy! ^_^ nice wip Have you changed original plan for 100% thomas cook as you shown in screenshots or decided to go with condor merge?
  7. Ricardo Thats excellent news! I've been waiting for over a year for this one to turn up without joy, so a little longer isnt going to kill me - seeing it in your paint shop makes me excited ! :wub: Cant wait! Thanks for the effort so far.
  8. A little late but, thanks Steve, i fly that one alot. Any chance of a Thomas cook livery?
  9. 1) yes 2) not really, any will work but for best visuals you want the same size/ resolution. ...my 1000th post!
  10. second attemp :biggrin: Would anyone be interested in making this one? Thanks
  11. Im not sure, intresting point though!
  12. I have found a Thomas cook repaint for the ngx, but the painter is trying to charge money for it.. :angry: .. would anybody be willing to show this chap how the spirit of the community works - instead of trying to make a quick buck? Honestly, charging for repaints....what next!? http://www.fs-repaints.co.uk/prod_desc_NGX739TCX.html?sno=298
  13. Any chance of Thomas cook anyone? ( fictional ) Thanks.
  14. After that response im not sure i want to support a developer with that attitude...seems extreamly childish.
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