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  1. A little nudge on this one, been waiting 3 years! LOL
  2. I would like to request Thomas cook please. Thanks
  3. Thomas Cook ! .... they're the biggest holiday 'suppliers' in the UK. Requested many times before. (without succes) Anyone interested?
  4. Awesome stuff Ricardo Looking forward to flying either of them
  5. +1 for Snoopy! ^_^ nice wip Have you changed original plan for 100% thomas cook as you shown in screenshots or decided to go with condor merge?
  6. Ricardo Thats excellent news! I've been waiting for over a year for this one to turn up without joy, so a little longer isnt going to kill me - seeing it in your paint shop makes me excited ! :wub: Cant wait! Thanks for the effort so far.
  7. A little late but, thanks Steve, i fly that one alot. Any chance of a Thomas cook livery?
  8. 1) yes 2) not really, any will work but for best visuals you want the same size/ resolution. ...my 1000th post!
  9. second attemp :biggrin: Would anyone be interested in making this one? Thanks
  10. Im not sure, intresting point though!
  11. I have found a Thomas cook repaint for the ngx, but the painter is trying to charge money for it.. :angry: .. would anybody be willing to show this chap how the spirit of the community works - instead of trying to make a quick buck? Honestly, charging for repaints....what next!? http://www.fs-repaints.co.uk/prod_desc_NGX739TCX.html?sno=298
  12. Any chance of Thomas cook anyone? ( fictional ) Thanks.
  13. It frustrates me that Saitek has had a yoke on the market for so long, with known problems and when they improve the internals on a newer model they say nothing of it... How about the sticky pitch axis? P.s there is not 1 picture of the insides that i could find. If you open it up again, snap a pic! :smile:
  14. For mr personally the CESSNA yoke doesnt look as nice, and the buttons are tremendously bulky. Arjen : You say the cessna yoke is a massive improvment over the pro yoke. Ive search the net but im unable to find anything that says if the internals of the cessna yoke are any diffrent to the pro.Otherwise you may be back in the same position once the newness wears off.
  15. Its a known problem, i have it too. I havent seen a fix for it anywhere either.
  16. Integrated Approach Navigation (IAN) As far as i am aware, this is company specific.Unfortunaly i cant say more than that. ( Because i dont know!)
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