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  1. So trying to understand the earlier comments , I'm a recent purchaser of PTA for P3d 4.5, recently upgraded to V5, is there a upgrade to PTA for V5??
  2. Getting same error when uninstalling, constantly getting crashes of P3d V4.4 with Immersion Manager installed, have to uninstall product , not usable, sent multiple logs to customer service, any help on this...???????????????
  3. Multiple requests for support , 5 days old, no respond, anybody there... <Remove log>
  4. Wrong, when I uninstall Immersion P3d v4.4 works perfect no CTD,
  5. Having same problem with IM pop up, crashing my P3d V 4.4, need a fix make Immersion 747 unusable
  6. Please advise, Immersion Manger connects and disconnects Randomly, may also be causes P3d 4.4 to crash, Using with PrecepitFX , what is proper order to install, does it matter crash log -1.0.14-------------- START OF LOG SECTION ---------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------- To avoid spambots, do not share this Log Online -------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  7. In comparing 747 v3 to VAS on 777, 747 v3 uses 500mb of VAS more than PMDG 777 Ray Vlasek
  8. Turned OFF Shade Cache in Nvidia control panel and updated nvidia driver to ver. 378.57, cleared up my problem, seems to save VAS and now have better FPS... :smile:
  9. This happens randomly at altitude and sometimes on runway at FSDT KDFW airport wt FTX Global. I have HIMEMFIX enabled, running FSX with I7 processor with GTX 980 video card. My FPS are 23-30, locked at 30fps. The did read comment where disabling preload can cause skeleton effect but tried both ways still getting random skeleton effect on aircraft all liveries. Anyone observe this and maybe its normal when changing views with this aircraft because of texture loading, I get same with PMDG 777.
  10. Using FSX with I7 processor and GTX 980 video card and getting, is it I have setting set to high or HD textures on liveries. Seems only momentary but can seems to happen each time I change views..
  11. Installed PrecipitFX with 747 II installed on FSX, could not see any jet blast and or wheel spray on rainy runway, something different with this new bird...other PMDG aircraft works perfectly..
  12. Recently downgraded to Windows 7 64 after having lag and shutter issues with FSX, Should I have stuck with Windows 10 64 and just did re install , what have users noticed with clean install with Windows 10, when I upgraded to Windows 10, I did the free offer upgrade, rather than clean install, Thanks,
  13. Will WX Radar Advantage work properly in PMDG 747x, VC
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