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  1. Yep, this is the only way I'm able to do it currently. John
  2. I see this as well, and it screws me up. Why does it go in the wrong direction when using the BLIB feature? Thanks for helping adapt to this. John
  3. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the response. First, let me say that you guys did a FANTASTIC job on this aircraft, and the others as well. You go the extra mile to make sure that you can come as close to the real thing as is possible on a simulator. Now my question... I'm prepared to be hit for this, however I'm really being serious (friendly), and if it comes across as anything other than that, I apologize in advance. Question: Since we all are dealing with an OLD simulator (FSX), and the limitations of it, AND the many different types of hardware with null zones, noise, and all the other things that are hindrances to the FBW simulation PMDG has tried to make as close as possible, given the limitations, has PMDG considered the possibility (don't even know if this is possible) of adding an override option via the PMDG options in the FMC to allow the trim to operate like the 737, meaning NO FBW? Yeah, I know.... far fetched, no flaming please. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if outside issues such as hardware, software, no force-feedback, etc are already hindering the huge effort you guys made to simulate this feature, but all of these other issues are "ruining" the experience, or not allowing PMDG's hard work to give the experience it's aiming for, is it worth an option to override it? Kind of like how PMDG's stance was about building a weather radar. You weren't going to do it unless it could be simulated accurately. I'm not saying it doesn't work for some people, but from what I've seen, and what others are reporting, it seems as if it's hard to really simulate it within the simulator's confines. Thanks, and I really do appreciate the product. I can live with it and learn it properly to adapt, I've just been thinking about how to improve this issue so that all can enjoy. John
  4. This is what I've been seeing as well. They behave very different. With that said, thanks for taking the time to give us a guide to follow. This will help me a lot to gain control of the trim. Thanks, John
  5. Hi Rob, Based on what you've written, can you suggest the best way to utilize the trim ref speed display to keep the plane in trim without ending up with the over trimmed situation you mention that I seem to keep running into on climb. I keep expecting the trim to work as smooth as the 737, however I understand this plane is different. What I'm looking for is a quick tutorial on how to use the trim ref speed to make it smooth. Thanks, John
  6. Michael will truly be missed. What a great guy, who loved this hobby, and helped so many of us achieve enjoyment with it. Rest in peace Michael! John
  7. >Pete Dowson has released ver 4.26 FSUIPC for FSX that>accumulates months of work taming wind, barometric and>temperature shifts. Available at>http://www.schiratti.com/dowson >Hi Dan,Weren't there some conflicts with the 747x's A/P a couple versions ago? Have they been resolved?Thanks,John
  8. >Greg, I haven't noticed any frame rate hit in FSX.Is it pretty turn-key? Can you post a screenshot or two showing the 747x with the lights?Thanks,John
  9. johndrago

    Long haul

    >Gentlemen your thoughts please >I have just completed a flight KSFO EGLL no problems at all>and this got me thinking>Do any of you guys have a suggestion about a flightplan that>will really stretch the legs of a 747?>To or from EGLL would be nice ,but any suggestions would be>greatly received >Thanks >MarkI've done KLAX-YSSY, and KSFO-RJAA. They are a good test.- John
  10. >I think I solved my problem with the PMDG 747 X. I had the>problem of getting the error message that I ran out of>memory.>I lowered my screen resolution down to 1280 by 960 32 from>1680 by 1050 32 and PMDG 747 not only still looks great, but>runs smooth as silk. Did you set your desktop to the new resolution, or just FSX?Thanks,John
  11. >FSX SP2, DX9 mode (ATI card if that matters) running under>XP- kinda implies dx9 doesn't it?>>Anything I Can click is fine. I push, and try to start as I>have numerous (maybe even hundreds!) of times in the past.>>I get four stable engines. All looks good.>>>Problem 1)>Then I either try to apply flaps- the upper EICAS shows the>commanded setting (usually flaps 10 in my case) but no>application of flaps- Yes I have bleed and Hydraulics->verified on the lower EICAS. The flap lever does not show>flaps 10 (even though I've commanded by keystroke)>>Problem 2)>>Command thrust- either by keystroke or throttle axis. Thrust>levers move, no thrust applied. They stay at idle.>>I am running ASX remotely via simconnect on a second PC.>That's the only change that I can see.>>Any ideas?>>I'm getting ready to replace this system anyhow. A brand new>Quad running Vista as soon as the Q9450 arrives, so this is>not a big deal. Just thought I'd explore it here :)>>Tim>This may be the battery drain issue that was addressed earlier by a patch. If you have FSUIPC paid version, you can try turning on infinite battery power to see if it fixes this. After your engines start, do you see visual confirmation from the outside view?- John
  12. Hi Guys,I'm sorry for being such a pain about this, but I'm so close to everything working right. I just need to get past this FSX crash issue after long flights.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks in advance,John
  13. One more question to the masses... Those who have flown long flights, do you have any problems with the "restart fsx" issue once you land?Thanks. I'm just trying to gather data from others to troubleshoot my issue. Other than this problem, the Queen is working pretty good.Thanks in advance,John
  14. >We can kick some ideas around... you said long flights only>so this means all short flights are okay? The routes you>provided are about 5-8 hrs? How long are your short flights?>>Are you using any addons such as ASX? FSUIPC registered>version? Etc.>>There's been lot's of long flights without crashing made since>the release of 744X so we're looking for something special>about your system or environment.>Hi Dan,They were both around 8.3 hours. I don't have ASX. I do have the registered version of FSUIPC, 4.20. They only scenery add-on is Scenery Tech's USA landclass. Both flights were outside the USA. The only short flights have been around 1.5 to 2 hours.Thanks for replying.- John
  15. Hi Guys,I've made two long hauls with the 747x (PHNL-RJAA, KMIA-EGLL). I get pretty decent frame rates during departure, cruise, and approach and landing.I'm running XP SP2, FSX SP1The two problems I've experienced are:1. After landing, I watch a few replays. I seem to be able to get through 3, and then on the fourth, I get a long pause, and then the "restart FSX" screen. There is no error, or file indicated.2. After landing, and during taxi to the gates, I go to the overhead panel to shut off the landing lights, and again, a long pause and then the "restart FSX" screen.This only happens so far on long flights. I'm aware of the load the 747x puts on a machine, but is there anything I can do to make it better?Other than this, all else if fine.Thanks in advance,JohnIntel Core 2 QX6700 Quad2GB RAM600+ GB RAID 0 Nvidia Geforce 8800GTX 768mbRunning in "unlimited" frame rate mode
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