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  1. Great news. Hopefully, there will be instructions on doing a Posky merge as well.
  2. Great news! I haven't fired up FSX since upgrading to Win 10. TBH I was dreading the task of getting everything operational and PMDG planes up to date. I guess I'll have to now. I'll need to stock up on coffee.
  3. My guess would be the 757 as well. Only reason being the relatively short time frame before beta testing. A 787 would be a 'from the ground up' project that would seem to take longer. That is also a big assumption on my part that a lot of the 777 work could be utilized for the 757 and also assuming that this other project isn't already being worked on feverishly in secret. A lot of assuming and guessing...
  4. May need to 'run as administrator'. Can't remember if I had to do this inspector, but it's something to try.
  5. So someone does a search and finds a thread that kinda, sorta answers their question, but not completely, they are likely to add a post to the thread looking for more information. If that thread happens to be a year or so old, they may then be scolded for posting on an old thread. "Seriously? Dude, did you even look at the date on that thread?"... Pick your poison I guess.
  6. rquick

    Crash to desktop

    I had a crash as well... I've considered myself fortunate as I had not yet been cursed with the OOM / crash to desktop situation that many suffer with, however... I installed ASN and SP1 (not the 300er, yet) and the first short flight from KMSY -> KSWF went well with weather radar functioning nicely and performance seemed OK. I don't monitor the actual frame rates much so I don't know if there was a big change. The second flight from KSFO -> KSWF resulted in a CTDT about 1 hour after takeoff (fsx was closed and restarted between these flights). This morning I reduced LOD from 5.5 to 4.5 and also rebooted my computer and I'm attempting a flight from KSJC -> KSWF. Monitoring VAS which has been ~2400 for the first hour of the flight and things running smooth. Unfortunately, I was not monitoring VAS during the crash flight. My setup has been the same for a couple of years now and fly the 777 or 737ngx usually once or twice a week and haven't had issues with crashing . No U.S. scenery addons and very few scenery addons overall, Ultimate Traffic at 30%. No other addons. I just used FSX weather downloader until installing ASN for the 777. I'm hoping the crash was an anomaly, but will continue to monitor VAS for a while.
  7. I wouldn't doubt some knee-jerk reaction from a politician somewhere to go after consumer simulation products of real commercial airliners. Someone may determine it is too realistic. I worry that it could influence future decisions by Boeing to support simulation products that has yielded some wonderful products such as the PMDG 777. It always seems that after a tragedy, some benign part of normal life needs to be curtailed to make a 'statement'.
  8. 2 fictional liveries I'd like see... Pan Am. The older livery with the smaller black letters over the blue stripe from the 60's and 70's. Don't like the newer big blue lettering livery. The other is Virgin Atlantic. Just in case someone looking for something to paint. I wish I had the ability and patience.
  9. Hey, look at that. Thanks. I couldn't find that. I think it's because the description is jetblue and not jet blue. Anyway, thanks again.
  10. Hmmm... Still no fictional Jet Blue. :(
  11. I sure hope you don't. Your repaints are great and add extra enjoyment to this hobby for a lot of people.
  12. Wow. That SeaWorld livery is amazing. Thanks again to all of you who take the time, and have the patience, to do these.
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