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  1. Great news. Hopefully, there will be instructions on doing a Posky merge as well.
  2. Great news! I haven't fired up FSX since upgrading to Win 10. TBH I was dreading the task of getting everything operational and PMDG planes up to date. I guess I'll have to now. I'll need to stock up on coffee.
  3. My guess would be the 757 as well. Only reason being the relatively short time frame before beta testing. A 787 would be a 'from the ground up' project that would seem to take longer. That is also a big assumption on my part that a lot of the 777 work could be utilized for the 757 and also assuming that this other project isn't already being worked on feverishly in secret. A lot of assuming and guessing...
  4. rquick

    Decent Screen Question

    Better late than never...
  5. rquick

    nVidia Inspector problem

    May need to 'run as administrator'. Can't remember if I had to do this inspector, but it's something to try.
  6. rquick

    Structure of rte file

    A lot of 0's... and an x.
  7. rquick

    PMDG Discounts?

    Maybe the 'Priceline Negotiator' can step in.
  8. rquick

    Welp... Here it goes. Updates.

    To be honest, my flights were with the 777 so I'm not sure about that.
  9. rquick

    Welp... Here it goes. Updates.

    Wrap up... Did a couple flights and all went well. Just to clarify for anyone looking to update from a similar situation as mine. Here's what I did. -Updated the OPS center. -Open and closed the OPS center. -Downloaded the updated installers from the ecommerce site. -Uninstalled the 737/777 and expansion packs. Note: I did not manually delete any files, I am not sure if there are scenarios where this is necessary, but for me it was OK. -Installed the updated planes. -Opened the OPS center and updated the liveries. I didn't lose my aircraft settings [lights and display brightness type things], also my joystick settings were still working.
  10. rquick

    Welp... Here it goes. Updates.

    Whoa. I guess everything is relative. I hope everything goes smoothly when you get around to it.
  11. rquick

    Welp... Here it goes. Updates.

    Good news so far. The 737 and 600/700 expansion installed without errors as did the 777LR and 300ER expansion. The OPS center only had 1 notification which was to update liveries, which it did. So, I'm all up to date now. Fired up FSX with the 777LR and everything loaded OK. Won't have time for a flight tonight, but things look pretty good. I'll try a flight tomorrow. Thanks Kyle for your help.
  12. rquick

    Welp... Here it goes. Updates.

    Ah... OK. Download link on the commerce site is working nicely so that is going. I will uninstall and reinstall and keep my fingers crossed. lol. I will report back on how it went. I know it's riveting...
  13. rquick

    Welp... Here it goes. Updates.

    Thank you for responding so quickly. I will do that. I just updated the OPS center and it added additional updates available regarding FSX:SE. I'm assuming [despite the danger of that word] I can ignore those since I only have the original FSX.
  14. Way way behind on updates. :/ I plan to go in this order based what I've read on here. btw Robert's pinned update is excellent. 1. Update the OPS center 2. Open and close the OPS center 3. Download the installers for the 737 and 777 from the commerce center. 4. Run the installers one by one and update the liveries. I post this so if someone sees where I'm doing it wrong, maybe they can steer me in the right direction. Here is how out of date I am: :(
  15. rquick

    Who *really* uses the Autoland?

    Unless you have a addon copilot, you may be flying a 2 pilot jet by yourself. I would bet a lot of pilots would take advantage of autoland if their copilot was incapacitated. It may even be negligent not to if it was available in that situation.