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  1. Probably not going to get that info. Its company specific.. but maybe someone will post it.I recommend using between 35-45. That should work well.
  2. All you who find it necessary to complain about the price , publically.... Im curious how much you all paid for your car.... you know the thing that depreciates as you drive it and you stupidly financed because you couldn't afford it.?? Or how much did you pay for that Xbox 10423455 ( or whatever the latest version is)??
  3. The world has become a bunch of woke snowflakes. Thats the real BS.
  4. Unless it contines to happen....
  5. The truth here is simple- Boeng needs to scrap the " max" brand, redesign the entire plane properly and call it something new- why not start a new generation of products like a B828 or something like that,
  6. RSR doesnt have a son. this was Scott Gentile and his son Jake.
  7. No, they will not be banned. I have a tesla and it gets regular software updates. The technology is amazing, and if you ask me i cant imagine going back to a primative car that I HAVE to drive.... No thanks. this is brilliant
  8. Guys, I cant believe some of the harsh words towards PMDG. They have doe ALOT for this community over the years. many of you are young and green- but that doesnt give you a pass. PMDg have set the bar in this indusry. If it werent for them, developers like aerosoft, CS with their half-baked beta release, never finished products would be the stuff we would be flying. Now knock it off and appreciate the qulaity and commitment they put into the products.
  9. Yeah, because you just have to have it right now...
  10. So if i purchase it now do i get the SP1 or do I have to wait a " few days" ?
  11. Our economy will come back, and when it does you will be looking good. Thats pretty offensive language you're using...shameful
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