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  1. Absoultley true. As far as im concerned its great developers like PMDG that made this hobby what it is toay. Without them, we wouldnt have any where near the planes, scenery or even better platforms to do what we all love to do-fly. PMDG deserves much gratitiude, indeed.
  2. Guys, the video previews will probably come after the PMDG release. With all the new stuff in the pipeline, there really is no need to showcase and step on toes..Its a very sensible approach to a marketing strategy.
  3. I would watch the youtube videos before you purchase. In its current state its buggy and was cleary rush to release. Bugs that should have never gotten past any resonably testor....
  4. Guys- Its be come more and more ovious that MSFS is still very much in alpha/ beta development. Reality is, its unlikely we will see anything complex( I hesitate using the word study- level after Hot Start truly has defined it ) for quite sometime. Fenix simulations, Maddog, FSL, have all gone silent on anything to do with Development for MSFS. So hold your hats and realize that this is going to have many bumps... even more so after a release.
  5. Thanks Ryan. i see the announcment on " Threshold" . This sets a new bar for simming....
  6. What is the company name/ website producing it?
  7. Perhaps you should develop a complex flight simulator and show us how its done since you are so critical.
  8. These planes take lots and lots of time to develop. This is DEF one to keep our eyes on. The huge GPU loads concern me, esp because you cant get good video cards at the moment.
  9. I was afraid of this based on what I've seen in videos. Appreciate the heads up.
  10. The CRJ is a different animal altogether. I have been thinking about making videos based on a RW CRJ Chief Pilots perspective, but i dont really have the time or the proper software installed on my PC to do it. However, I will look into it IF i find the aircraft is stable and modelled properly.
  11. Lets not get out of hand with this company does this, that company does that.....The reality is the product will speak for itself once its released. Otherwise its just a bunch of banter and assumptions that get these threads locked.
  12. Sadly, this type of behavior is becoming part of our culture.
  13. It amazes me that this isnt more like what we see in other platforms, where we can simply type in the exact amount we want in total. Seems alot simpler than pressing arrows, numbers etc. Hopefully in the future we will be able to.
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