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  1. Well welcome to Flight Sim. Its a reality I learned to accept many years ago....
  2. Guys- i know we all like to get (word not allowed) off when this stuff happens, but the reality is : this is very complex softwae and thousands of lines of code. I would expect some bugs in it initially. FSL has had many updates on the Airbuses and that is a masterpiece. I'd rather fly those than Fenix any day, and usually do. Be patient.....
  3. I dug out my ITVV concorde DVD from my closet....A proper training.
  4. cant wait to get my concorde. us old school simmers will really appreciate it for sure
  5. Its obvious from the screenshots that this product is geared more for military simulation. Afterall, thats what Lockheed Martin is....Its kinda a DCS on steriods, imo. Not really my thing, although my son loves that stuff.
  6. they have really set the bar here. Amazing. This is what we've been craving.
  7. I didnt intend it to be an argument. just adding my two cents. I dont see how that is useless on a public forum such as this.
  8. A340 is pretty boring indeed. Set it and 11 hours come back and fly the last two minutes. Personally, a A350 is going to be the same, but at least we have the latest technology to play around with. Not to mention the larger diplays that display ALOT more useful info than the A340 ever could
  9. Hotstart is making a very high fi A220 exclusivley for XP12. I have a feeling based on their other products, that it will surpass most add-ons available on FS
  10. According to the article, it will enter into beta next week. A word of caution to those of you newer to the hobby- this WILL NOT come soon. Fslabs really take the time to make it perfect. I would think the beta will last at least 9-12 months. So just hold your horses.
  11. Famous last words. You will be one of the first in line to buy this......
  12. I would if it wasnt really a ferrari...but a counterfit with incorrect systems and toyota parts
  13. NOT study level..It might identify as such, but its not.
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