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  1. Guys, I cant believe some of the harsh words towards PMDG. They have doe ALOT for this community over the years. many of you are young and green- but that doesnt give you a pass. PMDg have set the bar in this indusry. If it werent for them, developers like aerosoft, CS with their half-baked beta release, never finished products would be the stuff we would be flying. Now knock it off and appreciate the qulaity and commitment they put into the products.
  2. Yeah, because you just have to have it right now...
  3. So if i purchase it now do i get the SP1 or do I have to wait a " few days" ?
  4. Our economy will come back, and when it does you will be looking good. Thats pretty offensive language you're using...shameful
  5. I hope he helps them fix the flight dynamics. Pretty bad shape
  6. This company is not regulated entirely by the FAA.
  7. Please keep us posted on this issue. That's a show stopper there.
  8. That's good to know. Glad to see some more input. There are some videos up from the King Air flight instructor on youtube. I'm still keeping my eye on this one. Hopefully she will be in my hangar soon
  9. And tomorrow morning he wake up a EVEN wealthier man than he could have ever imagined. thats how it works.
  10. nice looking plane. i didnt know Air canada had a " rouge" version.. I will have to download some canada stuff and take her on a spin.. Can you recommend any HQ sceneries?
  11. Either way, Im still very much on the fence about the product. It looks great, but Ive been burned before from making quick descions. I will wait for more input etc...
  12. Fair enough. Ill just have to wait until some more content is produced. Have a look and see for myself. I really want to get my hands on her, and hopefully it is as you claim it to be.
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