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  1. CapnOz

    Why does my ORBX KSAN look like this?

    Why do you have a FEDEX 777 parked at a PAX gate?
  2. CapnOz

    FSLabs' A318-A320

    I don't think its ' difficult'. Sadly, certain developers, simmers and other groups have given up on FSL. Even tho they produce some of the best products out there.
  3. Can you show us a few more liveries. Like the Cargolux?
  4. CapnOz

    Hotstart TBM900

    Sadly, this is a issue most of are having..My TBM is grounded until it gets fixed. No way to keep it on th runway during takeoff. Don't get me started on the landing, especially with braking. The flight dynamics are in need of refining, overall.
  5. As a customer since the original NG( some twenty years ago now), I can tell you first hand they typically make NO mistakes. And on that very rare occasion they do its never blamed on ' limitations of the sim' and corrected quickly. Yeah, Im a ' f-n boy', but I have thousand$ of reasons why....
  6. Thanks RSR, you guys are the best, I don't care what Lefteris says 😉
  7. Its fine kyle , I fully plan on going 4.4 once FSlabs release their big update.. For some reason I had a heck of time updating to 4.3 because of FSLabs. P3d crashed every time I launched, until I update my A320. Annoying, but Lesson learned...
  8. Um can we keep this on topic please so I don't have to read thru a bunch of issues not related to the issue I/We are having??
  9. Thanks for the post info RSR. And sorry to have you all work harder on this. hopefully we can remedy it with out to much pain on your end.
  10. Sorry to be redundant. I too have the issue. I am running 4.3. Im not sure im ready to update to 4.4. I wanted to wait until FSlabs comes out with their anticipated update.
  11. CapnOz

    1st PMDG 747-8 shots?

    Ryan- there are a few Videos on YouTube . Also check out Chewwy94 on twitch. the EFB is much better, although it does NOT include derate calcs. Steve, can you please upload that livery with the changes?? Thanks! Peter Osborn
  12. CapnOz

    10 tank version of the DC-6

    What IS the range of the DC6 ? Could it make it from JFK-LHR?
  13. CapnOz

    PFPX Profile

    I give up Kyle. I tied ALL of the above to find this in the manual...but I must be missing something.
  14. CapnOz

    PFPX Profile

    Could you point me to the page number in the intro manual?
  15. RSR- thank you! Its an absolute now... Im hooked on X-Plane and there is no going back!