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  1. https://vryr.eu/ Also check flightdeck2sim's channel iin youtube
  2. Look here http://www.pprune.org/tech-log/382263-737ng-vnav-question-geometric-idle-descent.html Gerasimos Stamatatos
  3. When fsx's main screen is loaded, I get a message ''ezca for fsx has stopped working'' (twice), and when I close the program, the right trackir 5 sensor light goes out and neither ezdok or trackir are working. Same thing happens, if I manually run ezca after fsx is loaded. trackir and fsx are running as administrators. My fsx install is stable, until now everything was running fine (for years), few times trackrir wouldn't load properly but restarting the sim would solve the problem. I have not problem in other sims (dcs, bms). Also, until now, trackir would load , only if I had selected to run fsx as administrator. Also, if I disable temporary ezdok , through the respective xml. file, trackir won't load (the right sensor light is remaining off). My system : W10 64 bit, gtx 1070, 16 gb ram, trackir, fsx, ezdok, asn, rex4, pmdg 737ngx, few addons. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Sieht echt gut aus! Bietet Ihr auch SOP Dokumente / Checklisten usw an? Leider kenne ich mich mit den Airbus Flugzeugen nicht gut aus, fliege virtuel aussclieBlich den 737NG (-800) , den ja Lufthansa nicht operiert (glaube ich). Da muss ich mir doch den FSL A320 kaufen, und den Flugzeugtyp erlernen.
  5. watch the ''a320 cbt'' videos in youtube
  6. So is the f18 the new big project belsimtek gets involved?https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=179968 And i would like to ask if you know if the f15c full module is still in belsimtek plans. It's reffered as "hope to" in your roadmap
  7. Perhaps this https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=151627
  8. Are the military airbases improved (with shelters etc)? It would be nice if someone could post a screenshot from Schleschwig Holstein airbase (ETNS), as I like to fly the tornado marineflieger variant.
  9. Where can i download the above mentioned yoke - checklist? Regards Makis
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