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Easy no brainer FMC/coroutes? How to do?!...

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Hi. I'm new to this. Ever since my completion of the basic flight with the PMDG 747 using smithplanet's great visual tutorial all I've been trying to do is repeat that success expect with different departure and destination airports. I have previously posted many of the FMC/Coroutes problem that I have been having. Some of the kind people here have given my .rte flightplans but all these plans still require me to CHOOSE an runway. The FMC again, says RUNWAY NOT FOUND in DATABASE. I would like to fly a FULL autopilot from takeoff to landing and have a .rte flightplan that IS COMPLETE (ie the destination and arrival runways, all routes, SID, STARS are PRE-CHOSEN/ARLEADY SELECTED for me so that the only thing I have to enter into the FMC routes page is the coroute and thats it!) It worked perfectly with smithplanet's tutorial and his klaxkedw.rte (his format is always different from the other .rte formats both that came with pmdg 747 and other users have given me) I simply want to recreate that flight expect with different airport...FlightAware is very useful with the routes and all.But how do I select a SID+STAR?? Is there a comprehensive tutorialon how to completely build a flightplan that will let the PMDG 747-400 autopolit fly itself from takeoff all the way to landing??Flightaware is great, but I still don't know how to go about integrating everything into the actual .rte file format itself so that the specific runways are already preselected (much like the way Smith's tutorials KLAXKEDW.rte works Basically, how do I step by step piece everything together (flightplan, SID+STARS, etcetc) so that I have one fully functional .rte flightplan in the flightplans folder/directory of PMDG so that it is FULLY ready to be inputted and run without ANY of the "NOT IN DATABASE" and/or "RUNWAY NOT FOUND" or other misc errors, WITH the airport runways already prechosen and preselected so all I have to do is takeoff from the predestined runway and land (WITH FULL AUTOPILOT) at the also prechosen destination runway???Basically I want AUTOPOLIT ALL THE WAY, and to have a solid .rte file and not have to mess with the legs, fixes, or whatever else during flight.thanks.

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