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Guest JTH

Two quick questions about the 744

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Guest JTH

The first regards the autopilot disconnect button, which I believe in real life is located on the yoke, is that correct? I'd like to use FSUIPC to assign a key button to my CH yoke to have an autopilot disco button on it to make the sim as realistic as possible but I'd just like to ask first if anyone knows in the real 744 if it's the right hand yoke button or the left hand yoke button I should assign it to? Thanks.My other question is whether there's a clock on the 744? I know I can fly flights in "real time" and use my computer clock but for some flights I will need to start in the morning or at night etc and it won't actually be that time on my computer. In these cases, the FMC Legs page gives an ETA is given to various waypoints but because I have no clock I don't actually know how I long I have yet to fly before I get to it. I know in real life there is a clock in the cockpit of the 777 for example (I saw it on one of those cockpit instructional videos) and it also doubles as a device which tells you how long you've been in the air, which is cool. Could anyone clarify if this is in the 744 as well? Thanks a lot in advance... Paul.

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Guest raymondt

For the captain on the left side of the yoke, and for the first officer on the right side of the yoke. Kind regards,Raymond

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Guest JTH

Thank you!! Can anyone help regarding the clock?

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Paul,Do you mean the clock one launches by clicking on the CHR button on the panel view switcher? (the one with all the buttons for switching to overhead view, zoom etc...)?The clock's lower left lever, when moved towards the RIGHT with a left mouse click will start timing your flight time and can be reset with a RIGHT mouse click back to zero. The UTC time is shown on the top.Hope this helps.John

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CASE: Antec Sonata III 500W

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