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    Flight Simulation online or offline following real-world procedures, all music-especially classical music, video, photography, world politics and history, science-fiction and fantasy, biking, traveling, soccer, documentaries, house plants, cats and dogs (!), art and foreign films, theatre.
  1. I have been rather inactive in flight simulation for some time now. However, I am slowly coming back into it. My last online flight on VATSIM was around June 2007 and I have not done much since.However, my experiences with PSS airbuses and their 772-LR were memorable. Despite some of the rather important bugs in these programs, I miss PSS because they offered an alternative "view" and n alternative design concept than, say PMDG did. Their cockpit for example, had much cleared and much easier to read fonts for the all the labels of the switches etc.. on the panels and overhead.I hope they do come back and be better than ever!Good luck in your "resurrection", dear Phoenix!John AgbabaMontreal, Canada
  2. Joshua,I have found that saving the 777 flights with a DIFFERENT FILE NAME FOR EACH SAVE works perfectly. Literally all settings are saved for me, including all FMC settings and switches. I found that saving OVER an existing filename does NOT work.Hope this helps.John
  3. Byrna

    777 freezing...

    Hello Geoff,I want to make sure that you have installed the latest patch for the 777 series for 2004. The freezing issue for the FMC has completely been fixed in the second patch.I have absolutely no freezes on the 772LR which I fly since the second patch, even with extensive FMC legs page etc... modifications.John
  4. Hello Steven and all PSS staff,It's good to know that PSS is keeping the door open for an FSX version of the Airbuses. I for one would love very much to fly them again and even though I am an owner of all your airbuses, I don't fly them anymore, mainly due to the lack of reliable resume from save issue. This is very useful for resuming is important for re-doing landings, even on VATSIM, which is where I do almost all my flying now (online), I re-do landing sometimes.So if PSS can do a perfect resume from save for future Airbuses, like they have on their 777 series for FS2004, then it would be wonderful.But I wonder how many people would love to see the Airbuses re-done for FSX? I certainly would love it. I think PSS's version is very good and since there are hardly any Airbuses out there with a functional FMC (I don't think the FSX version is fully functional with FMC is it?), PSS can be very popular if it does do a version for FSX.I haven't upgraded yet to FSX but it's just a matter of time. I am waiting to buy a faster PC and for the payware which I fly to be upgraded to FSX before moving to FSX so I'm in no rush.***** SO: All those who want Airbuses by PSS for FSX - say "Ay!" :)John
  5. I could not get the manual MCP altitude, thrust settings to work. The plane seems to climb on LNAV only and manual altitude settings but then starts descending.However, I have noticed that LEAVING THE CDU default climb speed settings at what is indicated (e.g. 319/0.856 or something like it) provides for a perfect climb with LNAV and VNAV both engaged after take-off. The plane follows its speed restrictions of 250KIAS below 10,000 feet as well. The problem seems to occur if I enter a different climb speed of, say 300KIAS (with no MACH entered as CDU won't take any mach numbers in any format if I try, giving "invalid format" msg.) With this new manually entered climb speed (of say 300KIAS), the speeds of the legs on the CDU also change to 300 even for the first waypoint which is well below 10,000 ft. and the CDU does not follow the default 250/10,000. I do not put a restriction in the CDU but I believe when I did try it once with a restriction of 240/10,000, it still showed 300 in the CDU (but I don't remember for sure here).So that's as far as I've gotten.Can
  6. Mike,The same thing happens to me. I was going to check and see if I was perhaps not engaging autopilot or VNAV properly but I have not flown this plane for a few weeks now. I will try it this week - just a take-off. In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas or needs further details on the CDU setup, we would appreciate any feedback.John
  7. Patricia-Jeannette,I have only TWO WORDS for you - GROW UP!John
  8. Byrna


    That's all very nice but all that's required is the word "SPEEDBRAKE" on the EICAS. This won't require a major redesign of the Jumbo and I agree that it SHOULD have been placed in the design of the Jumbo by Boeing because no matter how good a pilot/copilot is, this sort of lack of information CAN lead to human error. And the job of a safe airplane design in my opinion is to ideally completely eliminate any CHANCE of human error... Don't you agree?John
  9. Byrna

    777 SP2 Patch

    I just completed my second full flight with the 772LR after SP2 and again, no CDU freeze at all.Flight was from New York to Amsterdam - KJFK - EHAM.I made 4-5 alterations - deletions and replacements of STAR for Schipol during the final phases of the flight and one series of alterations to speed/altitude of the final STAR waypoints, even removed the waypoint to which I was currently heading (top on list of LEGS in legs page) and no problems at all.John
  10. Brian, See my reply to dobova (reply #13).John
  11. Hi Dome,I think you may still have the 1.1 version. As Norman stated below, version 2 patch is not instlled by downloading the installer but under SUPPORT-PRODUCT FIXES. It is called the B777LR Pro 2004 version 2 and the patch file is called "777V2PATCH.EXE".John
  12. Byrna

    777 SP2 Patch

    Hello Opher,I think you misunderstood my last post - I have NO problems now after the patch. It was before the SP2 (SP1.1) that I still had the CDU freeze - now I don't. So, there is nothing to debug and if there was, I would have surely given much more details.John
  13. Byrna

    777 SP2 Patch

    I just finished a flight from Miami Intl. to Los Angeles LAX (KMIA - KLAX) and modified the altitude and speed restrictions at least twice along the way and changed the arrival STAR twice with no problems whatsoever. This was a route I previously flew where the SIM froze upon altering alt/speed in the CDU.So far so good!John
  14. Byrna

    777 SP2 Patch

    Kin,Did you try inputting or changing the waypoint speed/altitude restrictions during descent to see if it the freezing issue had been resolved?After all, this is the single most important issue that this patch had to address? I won't be able to download and test the new patch until tonight or tomorrow.John
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