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Guest keiundraj

Writing A paper Need Help

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Guest keiundraj

Hi, all.I'm writing a professional APA style paper for a class in college. I'm looking for some repaints in Companies Liveries with the Airline Tail logo still there. For Example. A 777 painted in the Home Depot Logo with Delta's Tail still there. Or a 737 Painted in Wal-Mart Logo with Southwest's Tail Colors. So I would like the Entire Aircraft painted in the Company representation with just the Airline's Tail. I really don't need the Repaint for I have no intentions on flying them. I would Just like the repaints done on a White Background preferably with the aircraft landing gear down in landing configuration. If there's Someone out there that can Help me it would Be GREATLY appreciated. I'm looking to get an A out of this class and this paper would help me. It's for my Airline Strategic Marketing class!!!! Someone PLEASE Help me. If I knew how to paint I'd do it myself. Here's some examples of What I'd like to see....Mostly Us Carriers, Although Carriers from Other countries are Acceptable, It doesn't matter which aircraft!! It can range from a E145 to a 747, as long as the Airline's Tail is thereWal-MartCoca Cola (Any of their Products?) Ur ChoiceHome DepotE-BayCapital One Credit Card??Cingular WirelessExxon MobilGeneral MotorsTargetMerrill LynchOr any company you see fit to put on an aircraft and Paint it!!PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!Keith Joiner

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