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Ivan Kovacevic

Fuel planning - 747-400 powered by RB211 on a M.85 cruise.....

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Hello, I'm a happy 747PAX user from PMDG from Day1 basically. And I really enjoyed the good fuel-planning documentation that came with it. A couple of times, on 10+ hour flights, I've achieved great precision when it comes to fuel planning (within the +/- 500kg limit) and I've always been within the 1000kg limit on all of my flights. Unfortunately, the documentation does not reflect the Freighter model that much. Firstly - while some things are updated, others arent. For example - in the Flight Planning diagram, the MLW is still at 285 tonnes, although the Freighter model's MLW is about 396.5 tonnes. Similarly, the main fuel planning tables are still containing the PAX model figures, which do not match the performance of the freighter. Thus - I've ended up with up to 2.5 times more fuel than planned, when flying the freighter. This meant that instead of a normal ~19 tonnes of fuel upon landing, I'd land with something like 30-35 tonnes. Why is this a problem? Well - exceeding the MLW, for one thing. I've started compiling my own data that I intended to use for planning purposes, but soon found myself in a recursive formula that wasn't simple for one bit :S. I also tried "updating" the figures from the main table (the one containing trip fuel, time and weight corrections for the PAX version) but again, found myself unable to solve a recursive formula I made.Anyone know any tips or tricks for this issue? ThanksIvan

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