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'OOM Error' cured for me.............

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I have been battling the dreaded out of memory errors for quite some time now and was only able to fly the 747-400 by using the auto save facility and restarting the flight when I had the CTD usually on finals as soon as the localiser captured... it was most frustrating and really took away a lot of the enjoyment of flying this wonderful plane... I am running Windows XP Professional with an Intel 6600 overclocked to 3.0Ghz a Nvidia 7800GT and 4GB of Corsair Ram which obviously xp only sees around 3.2GB...I am using GE PRO, Active SKY, Radar Contact, Flight Environment, Ultimate Terrain (all areas) Fly Tampa etc etc and would find that the page file usage would increase to around about 1.75GB when the OOM error would appear especially if I was flying in and out of complex airport sceneries......Well I have been reading about this 3GB switch which enables windows to allocate more virtual memory to one application and I decided to give it a go.... well that was 3 days ago and since then I have not had one error and I cant quite believe it... I have just finished EGLL (UKscenery 2000) to Fly Tampa KSFO at around 12 hours or so and was amazed to land without a ctd.... I kept changing views along the way and had FS Navigator running to see if it would overload but all was fine... I just hope this is not a temporary fix. Just to be safe I added the 3GB as a second boot option (SEE BELOW)Fingers Crossed..... at the moment I am a very happy simmer..Hamish Memory-hungry XP apps get their dueSerdar Yegulalp, Contributor07.25.2005Rating: -3.53- (out of 5)Please let us know how useful you find this tip by rating it below. Do you have a useful Windows tip, timesaver or workaround to share? Submit it to our tip contest and you could win a prize! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recent versions of Windows support a switch option in BOOT.INI called the /3GB switch, which adjusts the way memory is allocated between the user and the operating system. By default, the split is fifty-fifty -- up to two gigabytes for the user and two for the operating system. The /3GB switch option sets those limits at three gigs maximum for the user and one gig for the operating system. As the name implies, /3GB was originally meant to be used in systems that have 3 GB or more of RAM -- something that is no longer quite as rare as it used to be! However, even if you don't have 3 GB or more of memory, you can still use the /3GB switch successfully if you are running memory-hungry desktop applications. Photoshop, for instance, is infamous for staking out as much RAM as it can. With /3GB enabled, there's that much more memory that the application can use. I've written previously about using the /3GB switch in both Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server environments to bolster performance of memory-intensive services such as Exchange Server and SQL Server. But, in a desktop environment, you should consider any use of /3GB to be provisional until you determine that the application set you're using plays nicely with it. (My usual rule of thumb for seeing if something holds up under stress is to try it for two weeks under varied conditions; if it doesn't crash, it's probably okay.) To add the /3GB switch as a separate boot option:In My Computer | Properties | Advanced | Startup and Recovery, click Settings. Click the Edit button under System Startup to edit the BOOT.INI file. Find the current boot entry, which typically looks like this:multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect Copy this line and paste it at the end of the BOOT.INI file, and change it along these lines:multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional 3GB Switch" /fastdetect /3GB This lets you choose between a conventional boot entry and the /3GB boot entry. If something goes wrong when you use /3GB, you can always boot back into the original configuration. Save and close BOOT.INI. Click OK to close the Startup and Recovery panel. Click Settings again, and in the "Default operating systems:" dropdown, choose the newly created boot entry with the /3GB switch. Click OK to close everything. Reboot into the new profile. switch as a second boot option.... I used this page..:-)

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I've been having the same issues - I'll give this solution a try and see. Someone else had suggested trying this but they reported some drawbacks. But if you aren't seeing any ill effects - i'll definitely give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.

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>I've been having the same issues - I'll give this solution a>try and see. Someone else had suggested trying this but they>reported some drawbacks. But if you aren't seeing any ill>effects - i'll definitely give it a shot. Thanks for the>tip.I have seen no ill effects whatsoever!! I just wished I had done it sooner.... make sure you add the 3GB switch as a second boot option as stated in the post above just in case you were to have a problem and wanted to revert back to your original settings....Hamish

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