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Issues 747 FSX and FS9

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HiIf I can possibly have some help from PMDG support as my posts just seem to get buried without a reply.I have 1 issue with FSX 747. Every airport I have tried so far in autoland is landing approx 50ft to the left of the runway. It's like this all the way down the glide slope. This is only happening with 747. All my other aircraft. LVL-D ETC I have no problem with.In respect of . 747 FS9. 1 issue. I cannot engage STD in 2D but will engage in VC and co-pilot 2d and VC.This has only transpired since installing FS9 bonus update when I purchased 747FSX.I have applied the latest ver of the 747 FSX product.RegardsGerry

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