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Strange VC Problem With Switches 747X F

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Before you read this and groan, this isn't about the centre pedistal. I'd about the MCP. I can't switch anything on the MCP but I can switch things everywhere else in the VC view. F/D won't move but I hear the switch noise, same for the A/T.. The buttons move but nothing happens.. LNAV VNAV etc don't light.. I can change them on the 2D view no problem and the MCP then on the VC reflects it.. why is this?I can change the display controls.. the EICAS buttons work.. I can also rotate the rotary switches on the MCP and change the speed, heading and altitude within the MCP.. But the F/D won't work.. nor will the buttons.. Something silly I've missed perhaps? It's happened now and again in the PAX version too..CheersCraigPS using the latest version..

Craig Read, EGLL

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