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a few issues with 747 x

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i have the latest patch version installed some of these issues were pre existing others only after the patchpre existing1. when flying in heading select if i make adjustment during the turn to the heading via the hdg delect it has a nast effect on the smoothness of the turn causing the aircraft to judder and stutter in its banking , if the adjustment is being made before the aircraft has reached it full bank angle then it almost stops banking untill i released the hdg select then smooth and the full angle of banking opperation is resumed , try it you will see 2. unable to enter hdg select once land three is active on the approach I dont know if this is airline specific but watching my oasis hongkong dvd apprach in to gatwich , atc give the captain vectors for spacing after the aircraft is fully establish in land three. The captain simply ajusts the correct heading via hdg select button and pushes it and the autopilot switches from land three , the 2nd and 3rd autoplilot light extinguish but the third remains and the autopilot stay engaged but switches to hdg select mode no alarm or ap disenguaged during the switch. I tried this on my approach with my 747 x and i was not able to disenguage land three at all unless i disenguaged the autopilot and re enguaged hdg select after the patches3.entering runways selection and sids caused havoc with the flight plan opon execution a few hundred miles from landing. once i tried to enter a sid in to the fmc via depp arr page and runway the aircraft veered off the flight patch in the fmc 108 degrees . the sid had tried to plant it self in to the active page of the fmc causeinf majenta lines to appear paralell to the origional track all the way back from the sid to present position , i was then unable to delet lines in the legs page do direct to's to cut out the damage or any of the old trick ending up with fuel warning and a messed up plan. when i treid to repair parts of the plan via distant waypoints in the legs page it would not accept them , and when i treid to cut out discontinuaties it would not let meim not new to the workings of this aircraft but have never had the difficulties mentioned in point 3 beforeall is not well kav

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