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744 post FS9 patch V1.2 - Very weird visuals!

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I run the 744 on FS9 on my rig with Triplehead2Go and have dozens of saved situations in the 2D and 3D cockpit. Prior to the patch, all situations ran normally. Now I find that when I load VC situations, if I click to bring up the FMC in windowed mode, the FMC loads but it loads in an entire window of its own with additional cockpit textures. It is a kind of overlay on top of the current VC I am flying in. It's most bizarre!I also find that in some situations if I just even mouse over any clickable part of the VC, that causes a sort of additional overlay of cockpit textures from a different perspective. The overlay can occur at the top of the screen or the bottom. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why or where it shows up in such a situation.It's difficult to explain this more clearly and I can't post pix easily. All I know is that this is a new bizarre effect and I am wondering why I am getting all of these additional windows that span all 3 LCD screens with the shift keys to bring up different cockpit instruments and the weird mouse-related effects. It doesn't happen on all saved situations. It is seemingly random.I reinstalled my nVidia drivers (91.47) which had always worked perfectly previously but no diff. I checked my DISPLAY settings and all normal there (apparently). Any ideas as to what's going on and why?I don't honestly know if it is PMDG patch related. I had not flown the Queen for weeks prior to installing the patch so I am really not too sure. I did instal the PSS 777 in the interim and that works great with no such visual glitches. Level-D also has no visual glitches.Appreciate any posts, thanks!Jonathan

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